FOR THE ONE'S YOU LOVE.  I don't know about you, but I've found (in my old age!) that making gifts becomes more and more appealing.  I also find that many people seem to appreciate homemade gifts much more than bought gifts (Hmmm - maybe not so much the weee chicklettes.) 

Perhaps it is because it is something they can cherish forever, or because of an appreciation by the recipient that time AND LOVE (and not to mention that sometimes homemade is MORE dollaros!) went into the gift.

When I was a child my mother used to say to me "MAKE ME A GIFT."  I used to think "UGH! I WILL NEVER SAY THAT TO MY KIDS!!!"  And, yet, I find myself LOVING the gifts that my children make for me, for exactly the same reason my mother did...memories.

I haven't EXACTLY ASKED MY KIDS if they are OK with my MAKING THEM GIFTS but...I know they have an appreciation for both my art and also "my finances!!!!"  Although, who are we kidding....Stamping and Crafts are cheap??  Hello....

So, I am encouraging all those who have not YET TAKEN THE PLUNGE to really consider MAKING A GIFT OR TWO THIS YEAR!  It is hard initally...."will they like it, will they think I'm cheaping out? will....(fill in the blank)"  But NO!!!!   THEY WILL LOVE IT....BECAUSE IT IS FROM "YOU!!!"

AND "YOU" ARE GREAT!!!  Oh Yes You Are!!!! Have fun, feel the love - as you create it, and most of all...STAND TALL as your loved one opens your creation.  After all,  OUR CREATOR STANDS TALL WHEN LOOKING AT YOU!!!!  SQUISHY HUGS.

 THE BRIDGE OF STARS (LINK): 365 Prayers, Blessings & Meditations from Around the World

The Magician

We admire the magician who makes doves disappear.
In defiance of what some people call common sense,
And what other people call being true to one's feelings,
I make my grievances disappear.
I do not admire myself for this,
nor expect anyone else to admire me.

Modern affirmation from Helsinki, Finland

(please double click photo to see detail)


Paper: Taylored Expressions Monthly Kit - March PLUS stash
Stamps:  Unity (LINK)
Letters:  Dollar Store
Chipboard: ? (I am SO sorry - I received this as a door prize at a crop)
Thread:  Basic Grey
Beads: Michael's
Glitter/Beads: Michael's + Dollar Store
Pearls:  Liquid Pearls
Star Gem:  Michael's (Amazing deal! Not in scrapbook section but in Xmas Section)
Bling:  Same as above - Michael's is hiding all kinds of great card stuff in the Holiday Section!!!
Basic Shape:  Cricut (LINK) Expressions:  Wild Card Cartridge (Door Hanger with Blackout)