IKE'S WORLD CHALLENGE BLOG - NOVEMBER - white on white (plus my own colored image)

 Greeting on this very scary VOTE day.

I am going to make this short - no reflective "what is going on in the World or what are the focus of the issues going on in the World."

You might be relieved, for those who aren't keen on reading or don't read "heavy but true" stuff above my art, in my last few posts.

So here it is.

I have used IKE'S images from her store (here) for the Ike's World Challenge Blog (here.) I used (and pieced together in different parts) Kat Woman, Bottles, Cognitive Thoughts, Daydream and Bite me, should you want to see them in Ike's Shop (here).

And no matter what your bent is, be well on this VOTE day.

Love and a Hug,


And here are the images colored (not for Ike's Challenge)