And when it is dry and ready
A dreidle I shall play.
A dreidle, dreidle, 
I made it out of clay
And when it's dry and ready
A dreidle I shall play.

TODAY IS THE FIRST DAY OF CHANUKKAH - Last evening being the first night of lighting candles, the first of 8 nights.  Chanukkah is a wonderful holiday of renewed dedication, faith, hope and spiritual light.  It's a holiday that says: "NEVER EVER LOSE HOPE!"

It is a holiday that commemorates the victory, through the miracle of LIGHT (of the oil) of a small band of Jews over the pagan Syrian-Greeks who ruled over Eretz Yisroel (Israel) at the time.

While there was only enough oil in the latern for only one night....Hashem (G-d) provided the miracle for enough light for 7 nights!  There are many differing theologies why one more night was added to the 7nights the oil lasted, in order to arrive to the celebration of 8 days of Chanukkah.


It is a great feast of Potatoes and Grease!!! Literally, one eats a humongous amount of Potatoe Latkes (recipe below) and sour cream and apple sauce and gambles with a "dreidle" (the song is up above and the game instructions would be on-line) with chocolate coins and pennies. 

THIS GAME IS FOR THE KIDS...but many an adult has enjoyed the favors of the chocolate coins...dark AND light chocolate...before Chanukkah even begins!!!*wink wink* 

So, this time of year, similar to Kwanza and Christmas is about Hope, Faith, and about dedication and renewing faith and belief both in oneself and in something greater than oneself - be that family, friends or far reaching beyond that.  Everyone will have their own way to bring in what is important and appropriate to their choices and lifestyle.  From our family to yours....Happy Chriskwanzmakkah!  We will be enjoying wonderful latkes and gambling our little hearts out Sunday evening!!!  SQUISHY HUGS.

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http://www.allrecipes.com/ has 20 different recipes for latkes

This is one of the most famous of Jewish foods and a specialty of Chanukkah.  The latkes are served as an appetizer, as a side dish and even with tea with a sprinkling of confectioners sugar.  They can be yummy delicious if prepared, just before eating.
2 lbs (1 kg) of potatoes
2 large eggs
oil for frying

Peel and finely grate the potatoes.  Put them straight into cold water, then drain and squeeze them as dry as you can be pressing them with your hands in a colander.  This is to remove the sharchy liquid, which could make the latkes soggy.
Beat the eggs lightly with salt, add the potatoes and stir well.
Film the bottom of a frying pan with oil and heat.
Take serving size spoonfuls, or as much as 1/4 cup (50 ml) of the mixture and drop into the hot oil.
Flatten a little, and lower the heat so that the fritters cook through evenly.
When one side is brown, turn over and brown the other side.
Lift out and serve very hot.

You may add black pepper, chopped parsley and fineoly chopped onion (very yummy) to the egg and potato mixture.
Adding 4 tablespoons of potato flour binds the fritters into firmer, more compact cakes, easier to handle but not quite as squishy light to eat.

There is a big debate, just like over "the bagel" about which type is better!!!!  ENJOY!!!!


Paper:  Papertrey Ink, Taylored Expressions Monthly Kit March 2009
Ink: Copics, atyouspica
Stamps: Sugar Nellie
Glitter: Jewel Glitter Ritz
Fleurs: Stash
Buttons: BG
Glam: Blue Rhinestones (Taylored Expressions), Liquid Pearls (Taylored Expressions), Pearls (SU Pretties Hardware Kit)


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