WOW was it hard to choose a digital image to use!
In the section "Timeless Beauties" I went gaga over all of them - just gorgeous!
I finally narrowed it down to two - choosing "Bewildered 3" as my one to create.

Not being able to stop at just one creation, I have done 4 but am showing 2.

I hope you like them.  I am off to purchase a few more from this section...They are irresistable to me!
But don't forget your entry to our Left Of Centre Challenge.  I can't wait to see what you find over at ADFD and how you jazz it up.  I'll be looking for you!  See you at your blog...can't wait.  I have officially fallen in love with these images!!!

oopsie!  i just noticed my 2 leaves - GAK!  green isn't a shade of blue  :(  (i "blue" it) lol 

COLORING:  My other blog (Linked at my Hugz, Samara) is my Mixed Media Blog.  I love mixed media.  When I first began it was a huge challenge to get messy.  Then it became a huge challenge to stay clean!  And then I was told that meant I was officially addicted. lol.  So this challenge - I somehow told myself, heard, read, misread that mixed media was also to be used (I don't actually think that is the case but I am an avid dreamer who knows) and I painted away with shades of blue (finger paint) and swirls with stencils, ends of paint brushes, kitchen utensils, scissors, and tips of marker tops that would leave hallow circles in the middle and just messed up and up and up.  I then got out the white gesso and blop and plop and glob wherever I so wanted - no plan is the best plan with mixed media. 

FLOURISHES AND WORDS:  Mostly Creative Memories and random Dollar store rub ons.  I just grabbed bits and pieces and rubs partial parts of bits and pieces.  This works out best - not trying to get it to be perfect.  Just a little scratch here and a little scratch there.  You will especially see that with the white below "BEWILDERED'S" shoulder.  This was a long line of perfect dots and lines.  I just took the end of a pen and squish scratch and put on whatever rubbed off.  I love random.  All I wanted was a bit of a frame for the words Free Spirit Soul, which are Creative Memories.

FLOWERS:  These are a blend of Primas, Creative Memories and Stampin' Up.  When I was at a show, I won a raffle to collect as many of Primas flowers as I could in one minute.  Well, I was NOT going to waste a millisecond on that one and came away with 3 or 4 huge garbage bags of Prima Flowers.  It was amazing as Prima Flowers can be up to 6.00 for 5 flowers.  I love layering them and adding sparkles, crackle paint, glitter over top of glue or  the Glitter Ritz.

WOOL:  An obsession I have is to collect wool for projects.  I sew avidly and of course my cards and mixed media and wool has always been a big part of it for me.  I don't knit! lol  So when I decided Blue's - I remembered this wool and perfectomundo!  I sewed it on with the machine and then used glue dots where I wanted the loops to stay together.  I have used this wool for many projects.  Looped wool goes particularly nicely in circles to frame a piece of art.  You can use another color of wool threaded into the loops or between the loops like a belt, or like weaving if you use lots of different colors throughout the loops.  Very versatile.

IMAGE:  This image is so incredibly amazing, in my mind it needed to stay as original as possible.  I could not imagine doing anything to it to improve it.  In fact, in my creative thinking - anything added would take away from the artistry that was put into the sketch so this is exactly how I approached it, only putting sparkle paint on "BEWILDERED'S" eyes and glossy accents on her lips.

Challenges Entered:


There are some beautiful DT monochrome creations using Just Some Lines Digis over at the LEFT OF CENTRE Challenge.

And, as usual - you can jiggy with us using the Monochrome theme or just be your funky Left of Centre self!

See you over there!

This was much fun, as is always the case when you love the images!  These girls reminded me of a friend I had in Private School and this was pretty much how we looked - even though there was a strict dress rule! lol

COLORING:  To color up the the girls I used a combination of Copics and Prisma Pencils.  I often find the Prisma Pencils give that extra Umph that I like and that extra blend that I like - even though there is no difficulty with blend with copics.  I just prefer the "look" of a Prisma blend, the texture of the blend and the matte finish.  I soaked their faces first in a combo if Mineral Oil and Alcohol which then allows whatever medium you apply to go on kind of "splotchy" - an aged or rugged look, so to speak.  After I finish my coloring, I always go over my blackest of black places with a black sharpie.  It seems I am never pleased with the colors being "black enough."  I do the same with the whites - with a white gel pen.

LACE:  I bought a 2' by 2' box of lace at a house sale where a daughter was selling all the contents of her grandmother's house.  I was blessed to find a box of lace, each type of lace in individual bags that her granny had begun saving in the early 1900's.  If you can believe, I paid 5.00 for all this!  I won't use it all in my lifetime!

TICKIES:  Tim of course!

WASHI:  Yup, Tim Too!

STAR:  Stampin' Up! (one of their all in one Design Kits)

XOXO Sentiments:  Creative Memories

PAPER:  Michael's Big Pac of Random Papers back in the day when the huge packs were not so popular and you could get 250 pieces for about 9.99.

FLOWERS:  Michael's Wedding Ribbon's.  I find most of the ribbon I like in the Wedding section of Michael's and of course won't purchase a thing there without a coupon - cheap as I am!

There you have it folks!  Now my job is to spend the evening Challenge entering for the last few pieces of art!  Have a great evening or two and see you soon.  I hope to find you on your blog too.  xox


CHALLENGE #36 Add Sparkle with Aurora Wings

Eewwie  I love using Aurora Wings Digis.  They are elegant, sexy, dramatic and give so much playability for the artiste.  Do you like to use them?  If so, what do you like about them.  It is so wonderful how different we all are as creators, that we gleam different advantages from each digi that we are blessed to use.

This week, in addition to a great digi - my fav - SPARKLES!  Wahoo.  I get sparkly curly hair for a week. It looks like I've been at the Glitz, or some very glamourous event - rather than sitting in my studio arting and sewing my little heart out, our out in my back 40 plowing away my field or digging up sumacs or chopping down cherry trees (literally!) haha

So this week my lovlies, let us see your gems, your sprays, your glitter - anything that will make your creation shine and be totally exciting and exhilerating!  Pop it over to LOC and I will see you there.  Take a look at the Design Team - they are particularly awesome at their craft.  I know you will get so many inspiring mojoness from them.  Don't be afraid to sneak off a few ideas from their/my card...that is what we are here for - to help inspire, motivate, give your eyes some sparkle and your soul some excitement!  I hope we accomplish it this week!  See you there cuz I LUVVVVVV giving praise, seeing your flair and learning from YOU!


PAPER: bisous BZOO - PDQ resort

QUICKIE GLUE (That I outlined entire image with and then put on the following rub on Sparkles)

TUBE SPARKLES: (From Stash that I got at a small art store in a country town.  This technique can be done with any sparkles or glitter.  You outline any line with the QUICKIE GLUE and wait for it to dry.  Lick (yuk perhaps) your finger and dip gently into sparkles and rub sideways over the glue.  It will adhere to the glue and leave a precious coat of gorgeous sparkle.  This type of fine fine glitter is best though if you can find it.  It does look exactly like this and I have seen it many times but it does not come with a label name.

WORDS: BELIEVE BELIEVE BELIEVE: - Creative Memories packs of ephemera.  They may now be out of business, I am not sure.

WORDS: DREAM and EMBRACE:  7 Gypsies (can be ordered online)

FLOWERS - My Garden. You are welcome to come over and get a snap to transplant au Canada! lol



 [OR CHRISKWANZMAKKAH IN JULY - as the case may be]
Sponsor:  IKE'S ART

Well it is a bit of a Christmas in July because this is our last challenge until the fall so it is rest up time for all of us on the Design Team and especially for Ike, our Mighty Leader!

So head on over to Ike's World Challenge and help us celebrate with your wonderful entries.
I'm going to miss seeing you.

So as a send off until the fall, if you can name the digi's of Ike's that I have used, and put your name and address (and email me at metaphysicalscience@gmail.com) I will send you a little gifti if you are correct.
A bit of a treasure hunt at http://www.ikesart.com - Ike's Art Store!

Have a great couple months.

Fly free with the magic of the L*Bug!