IKE'S WORLD CHALLENGE - Photo Inspiration

Little Red Riding Hood vs the Easter Bunny!

Loving Ike's Image - Little Red Riding Hood.
I couldn't resist asking Peter Rabbit to come to her party!

The Challenge this month is a Photo Inspiration.
Lovely Colors!

I have been using my homemade (4 years ago!) Gelli Plate and have made a Gelli Journal for all the pieces I create.  Gelli creating is a great way to boost the creating mojo.  It can be as messy and as random as possible.  No judgy self, no shame, no blame. I really loved when I thought of this, as my Gelli Images were paper clipped all over my studio and have now become organized and my new background papers. When I saw the colors for this Challenge, one of the Gelli Prints I did a few months ago fit perfectly.  I might say that 3/4 of my Gelli Journal use these colors...my favs.

Little Red Riding Hood can be found at Ike's Store (here).  Take a peek a boo.  There will be far more than Little Red Riding Hood that captures your attention.  So shop on!

Take a gander over to Ike's World Challenge site.  You will find a freebie and lots of great inspiration for your art.

Happy Bunny Hopping!