I have fallen in love with The Vintage Look.  Never thought I'd be bitten by this particular artistic bug...but...I am stirred with excitement beyond my own belief.  It is permission to be wild (again.)  It is permission to get away from the neat freak-ish-ness that pervades my stamping experience (most of the time.)  And most of all...I love how it found me, when it seems like moments ago I thought it wouldn't.  Gosh, what a great metaphor...

"I love how it found me, when it seems like moments ago I thought it wouldn't."

Faith, trust, belief...'tis the season to be.....  And, (once again), my art has arrived on my doorstep with a lesson.  Seems when I feel dry and wonder where my Artistic-Meditative-Chaplain-ee side has gone comes and gets me and says "here I am!!!"

So today, I am going to let it all be, I am going to get my faith in order, my trust in G-d in line and my belief that G-d knows exactly what G-d's little Samara needs.  What "I" need to do is just pick up my pen, or my copic, or my ink pad, or my...."new and exciting Vintage materials"...and KNOW that I am safe and cared for...and perfect...right where I am.  G-d knows I know so.  Today's card is dedicated to all of us knowing we are safe, cared for and perfect...right where we are...because G-d knows so!!!  SQUISHY HUGS.

(for close up, please double click on picture)

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  1. Oh My how deeply satisfying like a warm embrace from the inside out ... Leah xo

  2. Beautiful! Such a great vintage tag! Love it!


My wish for you is a great day full of laughter! Samara x