THAT IS WHAT I'M IN THE MIDST OF DOING....as I wait to hear from my daughter Ayla who is now on her 16th hour of a 24 hour plane trip from Asia.  I am dreaming of scooping her up in my arms and giving her the SQUISHIEST HUG POSSIBLE!!!  Man, this has been a "SKINNY MINNY MOMMY" month with both of my older children out of the country.  MOMMY HAS BEEN IN WITHDRAWAL from hugs, talks and general xox !!!  But thankfully there is another cub-lette at home who makes up for the HUGS when his brother and sister are away.

So what are YOUR DREAMS for today?  ARE YOU DREAMING BIG?  or piddle-pup size?  Do you let yourself dream big?  I know for me, it has always helped when I have someone around me who believes in me, is positive and reinforcing of my dreams and not critical or judgemental of my big dreams!!  My children are my "dream-catchers" and I am theirs...along with their closest loves and friends.  It is a wonderful thing to have this relationship with your children...to be able to share openly your dreams, hopes AND fears!!

This is the time of year when we see people we haven't see all year.  Usually this is tremendously exciting, although there might be that particular individual in attendance that we find it difficult to be around. Can you still KEEP YOUR DREAMS in tact? Can you STAY IN YOUR CENTRE? Do you have a PLAN how to handle THIS YEAR's Challenges (should you have any?) Everyone of us has to find a way to keep our DREAMS SAFE and PROTECT OURSELVES AND THOSE WE LOVE from being slayed "BY THE DRAGON." 

And, this time of year is ALSO a perfect time of year to look around and find people who are amazing - who totally astound us with their generousity, kindness and ability to welcome us into their home...even at a moment's notice...The true spirit of THE HOLIDAY SEASON!!! They are the people who usually are experts at helping us KEEP OUR DREAMS BIG!!! 

And Hopefully they will all be sitting at your HOLIDAY TABLE or invite you to SIT AT THEIRS, whether it is what you've done for years, as YOUR SACRED TRADITION, or something you do SPONTANEOUSLY for the very first time!!! 


If not that, then what is THE HOLIDAY SEASON all about?



Let us live joyfully.
Let us form a community of love, in a world full of hatred.
Let us live without any kind of hatred.

Let us live joyfully.
Let us form a community of Spiritual Health, in a world full of illness.
Let us live without any kind of spiritual disease.

Let us live joyfully.
Let us form a community of peace, in a world full of rivalry.
Let us live without any kind of rivalry.

Let us live joyfully
Let us form a community which possesses nothing.
OLet us live on spiritual bliss, radiating spiritual light.

From the Dhammapada, (c.500BCE-c200CE). India


Paper - Papertrey
Ink - Ranger - Distress Inks, Papertrey Inks, SU
Stamps - Inque
Ribbon - Satin - Michael's
Bling - Basic Grey
Punch - Martha
Pearls - Basic Grey
Rub On - Bo Bunny
Article - THE BOOK OF BIOLOGY (National Geographic)