WOW, there are some really fantastic workshops on Tam's LIFE BOOK 2013.  I will put up some of the pieces I created.  I've been watching the videos, taking notes and then meditating on them. 

Days later, after the workshop and after I've read my notes a few times and they have sunk into my own style, I create my piece.  

Below is a pic I created from the teachings of Monica Zuniga.  I recommend LIFE BOOK highly.  Phew, what a thoroughly charismatic group of teachers lined up! Thanks Tam for putting this together.  Oh, btw, there are over 1500 students registered and taking Tam's year long workshop!

Thanks for taking a look at my fun!




I signed up for many 2012 art segments that are L O N G while I was S H O R T on time.  I am going to complete (my New Year's Resolution) these classes before moving onto the 2012 art classes that I signed up for.  So my lovelies, what you will see will be, in honesty, named 2012 art - in order to honor the teachers.  Enjoy!  I sure have loved the process of transformation inherent in each piece, many still in progress.  LOVIES, Samara

These pictures are a collage of my fav. pics from a home magazine.  The next two  pics are my personal favorites of the entire page.  I loved the pink-ness and the glasses and the fruit water!
I'd say I enjoy these two more than the finished product - isn't that the way sometimes..."we love a part better than the whole"...great all time metaphor of life!


I loved seeing the pics that I put on the bench as well in the reflection of the mirror (and also hanging the window from the house in the midst of the trees with the hanging basket in the mirror as well.)  Perhaps my dream garden!
For anyone who knows about the micro-living in this size house below, this was a fav design for me.  Google mini living - it is an environmentally great thing and transportable (so you don't need a permit to construct.)  The originator has a great book and a very neat hour long youtube worth watching.  That is why this little white home spoke to me.  Contemplating this type of living for retirement.
And how great would an outside claw tub be!  Ummm I guess Arizona (Sedona-ish) not where I live in Ontario with 3 feet of snow! (unless of course I had a hot tub beside it! haha)

and VOILA the final collage piece!
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