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 Greeting on this very scary VOTE day.

I am going to make this short - no reflective "what is going on in the World or what are the focus of the issues going on in the World."

You might be relieved, for those who aren't keen on reading or don't read "heavy but true" stuff above my art, in my last few posts.

So here it is.

I have used IKE'S images from her store (here) for the Ike's World Challenge Blog (here.) I used (and pieced together in different parts) Kat Woman, Bottles, Cognitive Thoughts, Daydream and Bite me, should you want to see them in Ike's Shop (here).

And no matter what your bent is, be well on this VOTE day.

Love and a Hug,


And here are the images colored (not for Ike's Challenge)



Caution before you read

 my blog posts are my truth - and can be messy)

Back in the day

The World was known

Today is a new day

We know what we've sewn


What have we done?  What has my generation done?  Paved a path for my children or my grandchildren to starve? Why will they "starve?"  Why do I choose, why do some people  choose cognitive dissonance, over responsibility, when it comes to climate shifts, water shifts, land shifts, animal and protein shifts, and vegetation shifts?

My youngest son, a Scientist, tells me his generation or my Grandkids generation will die.  It sounds dramatic, it sounds like a radical view, it sounds like he is taking this to a place that I can't accept or refuse to accept, on an emotional level, but know it is the absolute damn truth on a Universal level, the level in which he lives. 

I asked him how...what is the demiss of what the baby-boomers (me) have done? I need details beyond the media, beyond my own eye-sight, beyond my own personal view.

He explains to me:  The hazards of Climate Change are further along than a cure/remedy/solution can be.  I talked to him as the Scientist he is, not as my son, who is an eternal optimist, old soul, believer of goodness. I immediately asked him "why have you lost your Hope, your trust and belief of your profession, something that he walked into this World with, and something his Spirituality fosters deeply within him". 

Why do you not believe, especially in your profession, that a "cure" will come?  You work with, test, and then start again, when the beaker says "no" the most basic level of molecules for bone degeneration, for compromised disease, and a cancer cure?

He explains it to me.

He tells me that when that time comes "some" people will choose their own death time.

I joke and say "well can you give me a heads up if this is what you choose."

That isn't funny...that is SO not funny.  Not for someone who worked in Psychiatry for 30 years.  Not for someone who knows better.  Not for someone who suffers from Suicide Guilt.

Dear G-d, I should know better.  

Then I cry.

I apologize.

It isn't enough...

Today at Ike's Challenge Blog (here) is "VEHICLES".  I chose to do a "back in the day" background and to use "back in the day" images from Ike's (Ike's Store here) a "back in the day" Pocket Watch and Vintage Car, which are the white digi images.  

Art is how I cope and Messy is how I tell my story.

It felt right.  

Stay safe, stay real, stay Blessed,
My continued prayers for those who have suffered, suffering or lost a loved one to COVID.



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Greetings in these Challenging Times

This world is Challenged.

This world is Changing.

This world is awakening.

This world is asking us for Acceptance, but Acceptance with Awareness.

We can't be blinded by our old and outdated, limited perspectives any longer.  

The World is speaking to each of us, individually, and as a Community.

We are Woke.

We are connected.

The entire World is "just next door"... and this is good!

We come together.

We consider each other.

But we intensely grieve those who have been ravaged or have needlessly died.

And we celebrate those that have been born, graduated,had birthdays and anniversaries.

COVID 19...a time in history that our young one's will never forget.

That we will never forget, with them.

We are gloriously...we are ONE!

Today, to symbolize this time, and to honor IKE's CHALLENGE, I have picked Ike's deeply reflective image called MOTHER.  Under The Weather is the challenge, but LOVE rules!  

The bond between parents and children is intense, in every way - the good, the bad, and the ugly - but one thing is for sure...LOVE is a keynote, getting to really know your bubble is a keynote, and the connection is intimate, is natural, is real, is authentic.  And grieving with the World is the most humane identity we can call up from the ashes.

My personal hope, that we don't forget what these connections (via zoom or in person) are giving us, are challenging us with, and that ultimately, we are learning from, coming to accept (because there is no use to fight it )- our children are showing up in our professional meetings, and what can get more real than that!  

My glass is half full...there is much that can change in the World, once COVID passes if we stay conscious and if we take on the issues that have always been there but are finally being talked about out loud, and if we run with them because our lives and our brother's and sister's lives depend on it. 

And this is a good thing...if we continue to remember the glorious thing of ONENESS.  Separation is nonexistent from country to country.  

And in reflection - much goodness regarding that lack of separation will be seen. 

To have the entire World grieve the death or the sickness of our loved one is new, is magnificent, is sad, but...IS REAL and SUPPORTIVE and GOODNESS happening before our eyes.

We are changing.


How can I write a chipper blog post without this personal (my view only) words?  I'd be sitting in ignorance, and that is not my nature and is a strong opportunity for connection with YOU, who represent the WORLD as ONE.

The image I chose for IKE's WORLD CHALLENGE (here) was because yes, we are under the weather, but LOVE is so evident between this MOM and her CHILD.  I hope you enjoy the image - IKE is MASTERFUL!  Ike's store is (here) And check out Ike's Kitty Blog (here)

You can find all my personal mixed media (here).

Good Health and LOVE to you and yours, 



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 Hello World Survivors of 2020!

And deep prayers for those who have not survived 2020.

Greetings in this "rethink your life" time.  

I hope you are all safe, healthy and happy, and discovering newness all around your home, your peeps and yourself.  

This summer has been a powerful one.  The World has come alive in new ways, spoken in ways that are long overdue and suffered, commiserated, and laughed together.  Mostly, for me, I love the "realness" that I see on TV - people in their homes (who are usually on the set), and people in general becoming unafraid to say what is "really" going on in their lives.  

Covid, if nothing else, tells me "We Can No Longer Hide".  

Not from our vulnerabilities, not from our biases, not from our health regimine or lack thereof and mostly, not from each other.  THANK YOU ZOOM!


Today I have used Ike's Cute Fairy.  Find all Ike's images in her store at https://ikesart.zibbet.com/shop.  Hop on over to the Challenge Blog at https://ikesworldchallengeblog.blogspot.com/ to check out some cuteness and to hopefully become inspired to enter your own creation into the challenge.

Stay Healthy, Stay Happy and Stay Real...it all counts!




I have been on an art sabbatical, otherwise know as "lost my mojo!"

But today, it has returned.  I am cautiously optimistic it will stay put.

I have used CUBIMALS, created by Ike. Her store is linked below.

I encourage you to pop over and see what goodies Ike has in store and to (for sure) go on over to (just click the following link) Ike's World Challenges and play along.

Enjoy, be safe, and Good Health Greetings,

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