Greetings in these Challenging Times

This world is Challenged.

This world is Changing.

This world is awakening.

This world is asking us for Acceptance, but Acceptance with Awareness.

We can't be blinded by our old and outdated, limited perspectives any longer.  

The World is speaking to each of us, individually, and as a Community.

We are Woke.

We are connected.

The entire World is "just next door"... and this is good!

We come together.

We consider each other.

But we intensely grieve those who have been ravaged or have needlessly died.

And we celebrate those that have been born, graduated,had birthdays and anniversaries.

COVID 19...a time in history that our young one's will never forget.

That we will never forget, with them.

We are gloriously...we are ONE!

Today, to symbolize this time, and to honor IKE's CHALLENGE, I have picked Ike's deeply reflective image called MOTHER.  Under The Weather is the challenge, but LOVE rules!  

The bond between parents and children is intense, in every way - the good, the bad, and the ugly - but one thing is for sure...LOVE is a keynote, getting to really know your bubble is a keynote, and the connection is intimate, is natural, is real, is authentic.  And grieving with the World is the most humane identity we can call up from the ashes.

My personal hope, that we don't forget what these connections (via zoom or in person) are giving us, are challenging us with, and that ultimately, we are learning from, coming to accept (because there is no use to fight it )- our children are showing up in our professional meetings, and what can get more real than that!  

My glass is half full...there is much that can change in the World, once COVID passes if we stay conscious and if we take on the issues that have always been there but are finally being talked about out loud, and if we run with them because our lives and our brother's and sister's lives depend on it. 

And this is a good thing...if we continue to remember the glorious thing of ONENESS.  Separation is nonexistent from country to country.  

And in reflection - much goodness regarding that lack of separation will be seen. 

To have the entire World grieve the death or the sickness of our loved one is new, is magnificent, is sad, but...IS REAL and SUPPORTIVE and GOODNESS happening before our eyes.

We are changing.


How can I write a chipper blog post without this personal (my view only) words?  I'd be sitting in ignorance, and that is not my nature and is a strong opportunity for connection with YOU, who represent the WORLD as ONE.

The image I chose for IKE's WORLD CHALLENGE (here) was because yes, we are under the weather, but LOVE is so evident between this MOM and her CHILD.  I hope you enjoy the image - IKE is MASTERFUL!  Ike's store is (here) And check out Ike's Kitty Blog (here)

You can find all my personal mixed media (here).

Good Health and LOVE to you and yours, 



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