FROM WORLD LEADERS.  When I was in Theological College I seemed to collect the most wonderful prayer, meditation and reflection (theology) books, right alongside the more academic (gruelling) and difficult research books.  Among them is one of my favorites.  It is called A BRIDGE OF STARS, 365 Prayers, Blessings and Meditations from around the World.  The forward of this book is by His Holiness The Dalai Lama; that in itself is a treat to read.  The Editor of the book is Marcus Braybrooke...can you see I am encouraging the purchase of the book?

Anyway, this book got me successfully through plenty a hard time - both in school and since school.  When I am "in doubt" of any sort, whether about my own theology, my life path or even my art - I grab this book....which I have (don't tell anyone) dismantled.  I have used it for many a "faith-booking" which, if you aren't familiar with that is, taking the piece of inspiration and building a page around it, or working backward and taking your theme and finding a theological piece to highlight the theme.

This book ALWAYS seems to hit the empty and longing spot inside of me.  So...I thought for the next THIRTEEN DAYS I would do my "SECRET" thing (which I am about to release to the public!!!) and close my eyes and open the book (dismantled remember) at a page.  I will write what is on that page in my blog that day, along with my art piece.  I hope you find some way to bring the words into your own life.  SQUISHY HUGS.

A Prayer of the Heart

The prayer of the heart is the source
of all good, refreshing
the soul as if it were a garden.

St. Gregory of Sinai (d.1360), Egypt

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Paper:  Taylored Expressions Monthly Kit - March
Paper:  Papertrey
Stamps:  Sugar Nellie Christmas Stamps
Ink: Stickles and Jewel Glitter Ritz
Buttons:  Basic Grey
Ribbon:  Taylored Expressions Monthly Kit
Coloring:  Copics