I flipped when I saw her.
Ike manages to create these images that provoke the art right out of you! lol
For one of the first times, I used my Prisma's Premier and loved them.
They were so much easier than I imagined.

So I combined Ike's Image (Ikesart.com) with my Mixed Media style.
It was fun, adventurous and of course, inspiring to the Mojo to use one of Ike's Great Women!

I have also added "a blue art" from the past - one I really enjoy.

Flip over to IKE'S CHALLENGES BLOG for great inspiration from the Team.

In the meantime, Enjoy Daf!


Here are my challenges!

  • Aurora Wings Challenge - M, 3rd Mon, 1E if using a non-AW image, 3E if using AW image, must have a hand-colored image - #74 ANYTHING GOES (WEEK 1) 
  • Colouring in Scrapland - M 1st Monday, E2, winner + Top 3, No digital coloring, must have a hand-colored image -  ANYTHING GOES/ ROCKING CARD  (WEEK 3
  • Get Creative Challenges M, 1st Mon, E3 - #76 ANYTHING GOES
  • Heart 2 Heart W, 1E, SIR (use at least 1 CTMH product), weekly challenges open all month, winners announced 1st Monday - CREATIVE CARDS
  • Path of Positivity - M, 1st Monday, any positive/inspirational project or idea welcome  #65 ANYTHING POSITIVE WITH Optional Theme: INSPIRATION
  • Scrapbook Stamp Society Challenge Blog 2W, 3E - #156 ANYTHING GOES  (Week 2) 
  • Stamps & Fun = Creativity - 2W, JFF -  #338 ANYTHING GOES
  • Take A Word - W, JFF, 3E, C10, ATC/altered art/mixed media only, no cards or layouts - GREEN AND BLUE




If you are into kitties, cats, lions...
you will LOVE the candy IKE (click IKE for her store)  has for us.

Pop over to her blog "SHOW US YOUR PUSSYCATS - CAT LOVERS' CHALLENGE" and see what she has.

Your next art creation will look catalicious!


Have a great day.

  • Crafting from the Heart - W, E3, F - #234 ANYTHING GOES
  • CuteNCrafty Challenge Blog - 2W, 5E, cards - #17 ANYTHING GOES (Week 2)
  • Dream Valley Challenges - 2W, 3E, C10 - #193 ANYTHING GOES (Week 2)  
  • Get Creative Challenges M, 1st Mon, E3 - #76 ANYTHING GOES
  •  Path of Positivity - M, 1st Monday, any positive/inspirational project or idea welcome  #65 ANYTHING POSITIVE WITH Optional Theme: INSPIRATION
  • Scrapbook Stamp Society Challenge Blog 2W, 3E - #156 ANYTHING GOES  (Week 2) 
  • Stamps & Fun = Creativity - 2W, JFF -  #338 ANYTHING GOES
  • Take A Word - W, JFF, 3E, C10, ATC/altered art/mixed media only, no cards or layouts - 
  • Use Your Stuff W,  #343 FURRY FRIENDS
  • Whoopsi Daisy Challenges - M, 1st Monday, E2 (E3 with WD image) must use digital image or image from CD - ANYTHING GOES WITH OPTION NEW



    Who doesn't like one or the other.
    Well, I guess there are allergies...I'm so sorry 😥

    Ike LOVES kitties...check out her other Challenge, link on the sidebar.
    You will have so much fun, seeing all kinds of fancy shmancy cats!

    In the meantime, I've created a piece of art for Ike that has both "woofers and meowers."

    Pop over to Ike's World Challenges (here) and "be inspired" by Ike's art images and the Designer's creations, also Ike's store (here).

    All the best for 2019!



    And indeed, this is exactly what many people are doing at this time of year...figuring out a way "to be" amidst the "season for treason" in shopping malls, roadways, and of course, my fav - AMAZON!  (little shout out there!)

    Ike's challenge for December is "It's Christmas".

    Well, in my family - it is a "It's Chriskwanzmakkah"  as we have every celebration going on in this household and every representative thereof.  It is simply joyous!

    So for my card, as my son calls it - "Gallow Humour" I've created a little bit (oh, I mean a lot) off the edge card for Ike.

    Pop over to Ike's Store to see her many digital art pieces.  You will defo find a little something to use in your art this season!  Even if you chose a little bwahahaha like me.

    Enjoy the Season of Joy Friends!




    Edgar Allan Poe
    A master, A poet, A ground breaker.
    Someone who wrote from the heart about light and dark
    and how they "work" together.

    Google POE and see what E.A. Poe is all about.

    You won't regret it.


    If you want to see some REAL Poe - hop over to IKE'S WORLD CHALLENGES...

    Check out IKE'S STORE for Poe digis.

    As I said...It doesn't get any more real than this!

    Be Real - it's the 2018 deal!


    • Brown Sugar – M (First Friday of M), E2 - OCT - No. 283 - FALL/HALLOWEEN  
    • CAS on Friday – 2W, E1, CAS cards only - No. 144 -  FALL OR HALLOWEEN  (W1 of 2) 
    • Colour Crazy Challenge W, 2E  - No. 42 -  COLORING - ANYTHING GOES (NO PRECOLORED IMAGES)
    • Creative Fingers M, 3E, No totally digital projects - No. 153 - OCT - ANYTHING GOES 
    • Pattie's Creations - M, 2E, SIO, include an image (digital or stamped) OCT - No. 151 - HALLOWEEN OR AUTUMN 
    • QKR Stampede – W, 4E, SIO – No. 318 - ANYTHING GOES
    • Winter Wonderland - 2W, 3E, must be Christmas –  ARTIC OR ANTARTIC ANIMALS  (W2 of 2) 

    IKE'S WORLD CHALLENGE - Christmas in July

    Christmas in July is a popular theme.
    In sewing, in drawing, in artform.

    I imagine we all [think] want to be organized and not in the rush of the Season.

    Well, at IKE'S WORLD CHALLENGE art is ready!

    Hop over to Ike's Store; you will find a lot of Christmas there!


     Using Gothic Inspirations Digital Kit

    Isn't this little dancin' guy adorbs!


    Pinks, Fushia, Baby Soft Pink - YUMMY!

    I have used IKE'S "Cute Fairy", which you can get at IKE'S STORE (here).  The image is just so adorable, and I am not a cutsie image person at all, that I could not help myself.  I had to do a few images and art from this.  2 more to come!

    But in the meantime, I wanted to get these up so you could see just what is happening over at IKE'S WORLD CHALLENGE BLOG.

    Be sure to go over and grab your freebie, something IKE is always generous as can be with!


    and another image coming up this week....


    IKE'S WORLD CHALLENGE - Photo Inspiration

    Little Red Riding Hood vs the Easter Bunny!

    Loving Ike's Image - Little Red Riding Hood.
    I couldn't resist asking Peter Rabbit to come to her party!

    The Challenge this month is a Photo Inspiration.
    Lovely Colors!

    I have been using my homemade (4 years ago!) Gelli Plate and have made a Gelli Journal for all the pieces I create.  Gelli creating is a great way to boost the creating mojo.  It can be as messy and as random as possible.  No judgy self, no shame, no blame. I really loved when I thought of this, as my Gelli Images were paper clipped all over my studio and have now become organized and my new background papers. When I saw the colors for this Challenge, one of the Gelli Prints I did a few months ago fit perfectly.  I might say that 3/4 of my Gelli Journal use these colors...my favs.

    Little Red Riding Hood can be found at Ike's Store (here).  Take a peek a boo.  There will be far more than Little Red Riding Hood that captures your attention.  So shop on!

    Take a gander over to Ike's World Challenge site.  You will find a freebie and lots of great inspiration for your art.

    Happy Bunny Hopping!




    The best!
    I first saw it on Netflix and loved it, binging watching it.
    Then, Season 2, I watched 2 episodes and NADA!
    Each time I was going to cry, feel so sad, laugh - BAAM!

    So no way.
    I LOVED the emotion of this Series.
    Thus, I patiently await Series two on

    Take a look at this and the other DT members inspiration for MOVIE MADNESS at IKE'S WORLD CHALLENGE BLOG.

    And, purchase one of IKE'S great images at IKESART.COM.

    See you next time!


    HEY! HEY! HEY!


    I am very excited to tell you that IKEsART is going to be published in the March/April edition of Through The CraftRoom Door Magazine as the Featured Digi Artist :-D :-D

    Friend, mentor and all round groovy chick IKE or IKESART.COM is going to be showing some of her images in a TTCR!  This has always been one of my favs, due to the runners of the mag being so kind, balanced and authentic.

    I HOPE you will pop over to IKESART.COM to see Ike's Work, perhaps purchase one/some images and to give IKE kudos at Ike's World Challenge Blog.


    Below is an image I created as a background to honor Ike's Art!

    I am so sorry that the digital pastel colors don't show up on my journal background.  But I hope you can appreciate Ike's Art anyway....

    On the base background I used Ken Oliver Color Burst
    Then Dyan Waverly stencils
    Then Painter's Textured Grout
    Then Tim Holtz stencils
    Then Caran D'Ache Pencils
    Then Kelly Creates Markers and Pitt Pens
    I used a Stencil (which I honestly do not remember where I got it) for the uper right web
    I then sprayed with Krylon

    Shared with...

    IKES WORLD CHALLENGE BLOG - Anything Goes with a TWIST of Cake (Wedding, Birthday etc.)


    This is the name of Ike's latest image.
    I had an idea of combining the Macabre with the Nice (nice = wedding???).
    And Ike invented this sketch, which I completely love.

    Of course, in my twisted way of thinking...immediately came "TILL DEATH DO US PART."
    Ugh - please don't be offended if you are one of the lucky ones who has a "blessed" wedding, happy as a lark and full of surprises (but not necessarily Party Girl Surprise type of Surprise!) lol

    Pop on over to Ike's World Challenge Blog and see what the Designers did.  They are SO creative.  I love the variety that is over there.

    Now all that is missing is YOURS!

    Pop over for Ike's freebie - YAY - and let's see whatcha' got!


    Entering Challenges:
    (to be announced)

    IKE'S WORLD CHALLENGE - Anything Goes with the Option of Let it Snow


    It has been a bit since I posted, but here I am once again.

    I am using IKE'S "First Christmas" Image.  Isn't she adorable?  I did not use the Christmas Branch that is part of the image - so you will have that option when you purchase the image from IKE'S Store.

    The second card I made is NOT one of Ike's Images - but is the image/art that helped to break my NO MOJO that has been present since May.  It is one of those layer thing a ma bobs.  I guess using something pre-made gave me the oomph to get back here to my desk.

    I hope you enjoy both, and please visit IKE'S ART CHALLENGE to pick up your own freebie and to enter IKE'S Challenge.

    Have a great day!

     Image:  First Christmas from Ikesart.com

    IKE'S WORLD CHALLENGE - Anything Goes with an Optional Twist White on White

    A Doctor's Violation of his patients

    That is what this post is about... 
    be informed before you continue

    I went to an Herb Workshop that my friend gave. We walked in the along a road, she identified the plants (that I would have called road weed) and told us what remedies each was used for.

    The women chose a concoction of plants that made a tincture and a suave for Arthritis, as most of them have that, and we made them.  It was a good day spent with a friend of nearly 3 dozen years...however...

    The Healing Centre where Sherri's workshop was held had a "donation" box.

    I asked what the cause was.  The owner, now a very close friend - you know - the Soul Sister you just met - told me it was about "Solomon."

    I asked what/who is Solomon (good question by a Minister!)

    She said "Dr. Solomon who is charged with 18 counts of - Distributing Child Porn, Making Child Porn, Photographing his Patients, Photographing the Parents - and using the patients as Photo-shopped Porn (I'm sure you can use your imagination on this one), Camera's in the Bathroom for both boys and girl patients and on and on."  He did this with most of his patients and over years and years.  He has since retired to Toronto,

    I just froze!  

    My baby cub was his patient.  For two years, until I went in one day and told my son's other parent he will NEVER go back to him again.


    But never this.  I just knew he was a pompous ass who treated me like shit and doted on my son. Something felt wrong - if not just totally rude!

    From here I looked it up on Google, saw that all patients and parents were instructed to go to our town's Police Station and talk to the investigating Detective.

    I went the next day.

    My son is not one of the children that is jumping out in the Distributed Porn Charge. 

    Praise G-d!

    Though the Dr. will have pictures/video of both my son and I.  

    I talked to my Septic Guy (I had a 4 foot flood in my house during the Storm.)  His kids, as did all the kids in 3 towns, went to Dr. Solomon or Dr. Peterson - only 2 Orthodontic Specialists in the area.

    He told me "I had to ask my son."  

    My son just returned from Uganda and was held financial prisoner for 4 days - he had fund raised to take 18 wheel chairs to a little town in the midst of the Country. He had the chairs and there began his nightmare, He was snuck out of the Country in the middle of the night.

    And his response.  "They were not bad people mom...just desperate." How proud can you be of your child when something like this happens to them; there has been enough trauma for him that I just wanted to wait a week.

    I didn't, at the encouragement of Tex, my friend.  

    My baby cub was shocked, said he used the washroom before each visit or after (he was 11 and 12) but that he was not concerned.  He just cursed the Dr.

    The first trial was August 17 and the second this week.  The Detective said the lawyers will not be able to delay because of the blatancy of the evidence.  Just like the head of the Canadian Military - Russell Williams. Two court dates and he was done.

    So. Thank You for reading this, and staying with it - if you have.

    This card is made for the Woman who owns the Healing Centre.  There were butterflies all around the Donation Box.  

    I know the Spiritual significance of the butterfly, so it seems perfect for the Donation box.  The money will be used for the complainants in The Group Class Action Civil Suit, which I will be a part of.

    This can't continue...but perhaps like you...I don't have a clue how to stop people who are as sick and crafty and demented and RICH like this person and have the creativity and sneakiness of a Fox, because no one knew (the patients and parents) what he was doing.  He was discovered through the Child Porn Unit - so telling telling telling didn't work - there was nothing to tell. Until now.

    For now - Prayer is where I am, prayer for his sick demented Soul.


     This is the back of the Card

    • Creative Fingers -  2W , 3E, No totally digital projects - No.136 - (W2 of 4) Anything Goes  
    • QKR Stampede – W, 4E, SIO  No. 261 Anything Goes
    • Quick Quotes - M (first Friday of the month), E1, SIO - No.79 - September - Anything Goes
    • Sami Stamps - MSIR (first Friday of month)- No.53 - September - Sequins and Pearls