*Please read this -
Ike, who is the artist I collaborate with through her Sponsorship on my blog, lives on the Island of Kos - off Greece Mainland.  You will surely know by now the Island of Kos was shaken by a very strong Earthquake yesterday.

Praise G-d, Ike is safe, though some damage to her property and of course death and severe damage to the small Island.

Please take the time and visit Ike on her blog HERE or at www.suzy-ikesworld.blogspot.ca and let her know you are with her, with love, good thoughts and Prayer.

I truly believe one good thought on this side of the World deeply affects the outcome of thoughts and circumstance on the other side of this World.  It is in this vein that I ask for your support of our friend.

Lovingly with Gratitude
Thank you.


  • Black canvas
  • Toilet Paper Rolls cut 1/2 way upward and bent over
  • Dylusions Paint
  • Q-Tips (approx 10-20) wrapped together with rubber bands
  • Bling

  • Creative Fingers -  2W , 3E, No totally digital projects - No.134 - (W2 of 2) Anything Goes  
  • Really Reasonable Ribbon - 2W, 3E (1st & 3rd Friday) - No.168 - (W1 of 2) Anything Goes with Ribbon
  • Sami Stamps - MSIR (first Friday of month)- No.51 - July - Anything Goes
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IKE'S WORLD CHALLENGE - with a twist of "relaxation"


To all the Canadian's, this will mean something sacred, something unique and a place that has had its share of tragedy.

Yet, it still remains unscathed, unchanged, and oh so warm and hospitable.  The people in Peggy's Cove are like no other in Canada. Anything you know about Canada being safe, well, it is far exceeded in this Area.  Neighbourhood Watch has nothing on the way the people live there.

Fishing is a mainstay, fishing towns, hamlets and most impressive is the color!  The color of the houses, of the water, of the main town buildings and to be noticed...the color of the boats.

It seems that every Canadian (or anyone from anywhere) know there are a handful of places not to be missed in Canada...and Peggy's Cove - standing out on the rocks by the Lighthouse - is absolutely one top list place of serenity.

Ike, who lives on an island in Greece, captured this image to a T. Interesting - I wonder if the Island she lives on has some of the flair, the peace, the color,the community and the history of Peggy's Cove.

I am completely amazed, quite honestly, that she has been able to draw (from the other side of my World) something that says "Yup - that is it!"  Check out Ike's Store to see more of the same...spectaculara shtuffs!

For me, it speaks to just the type of artist Ike is...gosh...insert every positive adjective here!

So - hop on over to Ike's World Challenge and see what's up.  Go on over for a tad of relaxation; see what the girls on the Design Team are up to with their version of "relaxation."

And you?  I'd love to see what it means to you...that one word that seems to say it all...RELAX! So nab one of Ike's freebie's on the Challenge blog or pay a visit to Ike's New Store (links above)

Best to all, always.

p.s. I call this image "Peggy's Cove" but Universally, and as it should be, Ike named it THE LIGHTHOUSE.