Dylusions first came to my attention watching the CHA videos on youtube (which I call utube or ytube - oy - so out of it my 14 year old says!) Don't even know how to work an ipod as he tells me about all the Olympians walking out to the swimming wearing their "ipods!"

Dyan Revealey is a genius! She has developed these amazing faces that epitomize, for me, the looks that feel JUST how I feel - sometimes caring, sometimes distressed, sometimes inadequate, sometimes afraid, sometimes hurt, sometimes ashames or lonely or left out or sometimes tender, exhilarated, euphiric, delighted, jovial, serene, perplexed or just downright "rotten"!

She's a master in mind and creation to capture it all - with the art of newsprint behind it where you can mix and match. Put a wing on her head, put frogs eyes on her head, or a toad stool...the list is endless...but what I know is that I can express the dozens and dozens of feelings I have inside.  Not to mention, this womyn has the artistic flare of fashion to beat all!

p.s. if anyone has read Journey from Betray to Trust, there is a section called The Vocabulary of Feelings and it lists feelings in the categories from Levels of Intensity from Strong, Moderate and Weak. This is a tool I had used in my Ministry in Psychiatry and Detox for years and I still keep with me to know what I am feeling. When I looked at Dyan's stamps - there was barely a stamp that didn't cover a feeling on that sheet and there must be 150 feelings on it! I HIGHLY recommend the book!!!! (seque - as you are used to my tangentially born mind to do.)

Having said all that: Here is my mixed piece - I hope you like it as much as I did creating it.

Much Love

The coloring is with SU ink and sponges just mushed and smeared any which way.

Memento ink and Glitter Pens

Sharpie has these new retractable extra-fine pens that are uber-cool!  I used them for all the black

all the shading on the outside and on the die cuts are from Ranger Ink

This white is a signo-uni ball white pen, bought from a gillion places and the lace is from a heritage sale

the coloring of the lips is tombow pens - eyes are dewitt inktensity pens and water

don't you love this washi tape at the top - yup - smash books - Michaels
I don't think Canada knows what washi tape is!

This is from EXPRESS YOUR ESSENCE on facebook - lovely isn't it...and so true!



Before I start, I want to thank all of you for your lovely comments last week.  I felt genuinely supported and completely in the care of all of you.  I could not say enough words to let you know how special your words were in your comments on my blog, when I know - as a DT - we only need to say the absolute bare minimum (though I'm a chatter-box myself!)  You all went out of your way to show me how lovely, kind and compassionate you are, and I say from the bottom of my heart, I love each and every one of you for that.  Your comments carried me through the week on angel's wings!

Now, speaking of wings!!!!

This week at SENTIMENTAL SUNDAYS, the Challenge is:

There are so many goodies to receive and delicious SPONSORS, so be sure to pop over to SENTIMENTAL SUNDAYS to see the full line of what is offered on this Challenge.
You will NOT be sorry!

I particularly love this card because it describes me to a "T", for better or for worse! Wow, that sounded narcissistic eh! LOL Maybe I shouldn't have given you that heads up about me. Yup - a true introvert, an off the edge introvert!


Oh, btw, b is for bird! haha

Don't you love this backdrop?  My friend Karen Wallace, from Karen's Kreations (man, you have to check out her blog and her Stampscapes - she is an expert!!!) sent me this.  She is the Queen of punches and has always been so generous to share them with me - mailing them from another country to me!!!  Thanks Karen.

And I don't speak french, though my youngest is fluent so I don't have a clue what I've said in the vintage dictionary page I have chosen to use!  Oy yoy yoy. l'Ecole - it can't be that bad.  I took 12 years of French - that much I can figure out!

And Belfast, well I know some of our DT's live near Belfast, so I think I'm OK there too! LOL
I'm a write-off this week!


Challenges to be determined


Sentimental Sundays - Rough Around The Edges


I really enjoyed figuring out what type of card I'd make with this guy and with the color choices we were given for the challenge.  He's from Dude Time Doodles and they have such fun images.  Our theme this week at SS is a color theme.  Pop on over to SENTIMENTAL SUNDAYS to see the colors that we had to work with and that you will have to work with in your entries.  They were uber fun!

I sent this card to my dad, who had a massive stroke and, well, let's say is not who he was the night before the stroke, when he and I had a conversation after 6 months of not speaking to one another!  Talk about serendipity!  I just had this massive psychic pull that I had to call him and check in to how he was doing and what was up with him and it was a lovely and loving conversation, where I was able to tell him I loved him, as I had come to do in the last few years and he had come to do with me also after we made a very significant agreement with each other, which I will talk about later in this post.  I know my dad was ALWAYS proud of me, my education, my work and how I fought to get ahead of mental illness, my job, and the challenges of having sibblings who abandoned me 20 years ago.  We were proud of each other, even though we shared this love/hate relationship - "that we both accepted and did not punish each other for."  I am my father's daughter...that was the issue!!!! So much alike in the starshine side and so much alike in the stubborn side!  And so it was...

He was this guy on my card as long as I can remember him - he was my hero!  A hero I loathed and a hero I loved...but like it or lump it - we were one and the same!  And fought the same mental illness battles.  We understood each other like no two other people in our family in this arena. haha He always called me Dr. Navi., something I will never forget.  He was always thankful for the medical advise I gave him and I was always thankful how he recognized in the first two syllables of my "hello" how I was doing - well or depressed - and he would tell, yes tell me what to do to care for myself.  Because he recognized depressed people are beyond making those decisions.  He was my champ - but sometimes a champ I had to go away from to balance myself because we are both so strong and "out there" that I hurt him and he hurt me.  But you know what...we would hurt in our respective corners, then I'd call back and he'd just say, "Hi, how've you been doing?  What's up with you these days.  Always accepting, never punishing for going away....because of what I will tell you below about our agreement!

He won't recognize anything on the card, or be able to read it or understand it but when I visited last, he did show the nurses my cards, so there is something that still has pride in my artistic abilities that I inherited from him, although my mother can sew anything she looks at - especially the best curtains, pillows, cushions, dolls etc. So, I guess I, and my own daughter, son and son were all blessed with artistic ability in the forms of  (me) Bohemian Art, (Ayla)Realistic Art and Photography, and (Jordan) Music Making, Commercial/Pre-movie Making, Guitar, and Synthesizing and (Taylor) Psychiatry (ohhhhhh yesssssss - believe me - as a Reverend and an Institutional Psychiatric/Rehab Chaplain - this too takes one heck of a creative mind, soul and spirit!)  Besides, Taylor is also awesome at the African Drums!

So thanks Mom and Dad.

btw: It is only me that is tangential!!!! lol My Professor even put that on my app for a Ph.D in Philosophy!

So this card is for you DAD!  And on its way to the Nursing Home by Mail.  I hope it jogs something in your memory about how you were pre-stroke.  Love you forever and will always keep to our agreement with each other: 

"We will NEVER EVER abandon each other!"

And believe me, I worked for my Dad when I was 18 at his Company on the top floor of the Royal York Hotel and "he was a bad boy!" LOL  But he always went home to my mom for 65 precious years!


B.I.N.G.O....B.I.N.G.O....B.I.N.G.O. and BINGO was his name O

SENTIMENTAL SUNDAYS has a great challenge for today.

It is BINGO!
And a fabulous company to sponsor this challenge, personally one of my favs - Bugaboo Stamps.
You have to pop over to SS to see what you get for entering your card and being chosen in one of the categories!  Believe me, Bugaboo are VERY generous!!!
The BINGO card is VERY interesting to create, whether you choose to do a strip of 3 or the whole card, like I did.

That is the name of the game.

Finding the Zen in the Pen



Well I am taking a fantastic class from http://www.balzer.typepad.com/ and I can hardly explain how much I am loving every single class!  You must go over to Julie's site and see what she has in store every day.  It is wonderful, exciting (at least to this Bohemian Artist) and my whole being just goes YES YES YES (Radical Acceptance) to all the color that is involved in every lesson Julie teaches.

Her manner is fun-loving and simple.  This piece is LAYERING.  On this piece above are about 7 layers of paper, paint, sprays, more paper, gesso, gel, water pencils, water soluable crayons, tombow markers, gold flocking, LOTS of sprays of water, gold pen and much, much Distress Ink in the beginning and at the end.  Yup - Layering.  And it all starts with a blank sheet in my ART JOURNAL. 

Each page in my ART JOURNAL has writing on it, the same way a diary would.  Some days are good, some great and some downright awful in terms of what I write.  It is an honest account of what is going on in my life - and the art reflects if FIRST!

I have intentionally taken pictures of every area that I love - each seemingly more loveable than the next.  I am mesmerizd by how layering and mishing and mashing can create the colors, the textures and the outcome that it does.  Truly, the process is MAGIC before my very eyes, and I have Julie to thank.  Thanks Julie!!!!

I've always said that my art is G-D running through me.  Since the beginning day I picked up my very first medium in the world of "mixed media" I feel this more profoundly than ever.  As I have written on this page, and as Julie said:

Finding Zen in the Pen



Welcome to another Sentimental Sunday!  Is it starting to feel like Summer where you are?
The sun is shining and really warming things up here! YEAH!!

Thanks so much to everyone who played along in last week's Cute and Girly plus color challenge. We really enjoyed seeing all your entries! Be sure to stop back to SENTIMENTAL SUNDAYS and see who the random winner is and who has been chosen to be in our Top 3!

This week's challenge is:

colors of your countries flag
(plus a sentiment)

In honor of July 4th celebrations in the US this weekend, this week we're asking you to create a card with a celebration theme! It can be a birthday, a wedding (it is the season afterall) or just about celebrating life.  Given it is CANADA DAY WEEKEND, we ask the same.


-You most use this weeks theme challenge in your creation.

-If you use the theme AND this weeks BONUS sketch, please submit your entry twice.

((When entering your project twice…for your first entry use the direct link to your post. For the second post, enter just your blog URL address, but select the same image. )

If you only use the color swatch and we don't see the theme in your creation, your card will be regretfully deleted.

This week's Sponsors are:
Designed 2 Delight Donating (3) $5.00 Gift Vouchers


Whimsy Stamps Donating: 5 digital images of the winners choice

Because I am from Ontario Canada, my card is Red and White.  I went for the literal, as you will see.  I hope you enjoy it.

Happy Canada Day and Happy 4th of July my cherished blogging friends!

Your Mixed Media

p.s. I created this card before I turned into a "Mixed Media Disciple!" LOL