DO I LOVE YOU? My Entry to Stampotique DT Call...

I have decided to enter a Mixed Media Piece to The Stampotique Designer call, although it is largely known as a Card Site - but a vewy vewy FuNkY card site!  My Exclusively Card Site Blog is new, and is  I'm not so sure why, other than instinct, I decided that doing this piece was what was in me when I knew Stampotique had this call; I have long admired the company, its images and DT samples and I imagine it is my own inner rendition of what the company stands for - innovation, freedom of character and living out of the box.

So without further adieu...My Blog post.


It could be of the self.
It could be about a person, a place or a thing.
It could be both.

It is a deadly question.

It leads to pain.
It leads to bewilderment.
It leads only to ultimate suffering.

There is only one way to achieve the state of peace.

There is only one way to the state of calm.
There is only one path that leads to serenity.

I tell myself:

"Either stop asking the question.
Or be sure I love it all."

Then I will have the answer.


p.s. On another note,  I've been blessed! An Inky Situation put my art below on their Facebook Page   Wahooeeee!!!  Thanks so much guys and gals!!! xox

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Today's art is just one piece I created with this Stencil that was distributed last month in our Stencil Girl Club Kit.  When I received it, I must honestly say I went UGH!  I was not sure at all what I could possibly do with it.

Then I sat down, took out some colors that I never use and thought "OK, I don't like the stencil so pick colors I don't like as well and see what happens."  Well LOVE happened!  I was SO surprised what came of my "not-coveted" stencil and colors!

In all my art, I might say this is one of my favorites, and I am the last person to rave about my art!

If anything, I am the worst critic of all time - most of the time not liking what I produce.  Sad Isn't It.

So without delay, here is my now "very coveted" stencil set.  I am still a bit cautious about using the colors though without this "now" favorite stencil set!

French Dictionary Pages
Selectric Typewriter
Computer Fonts
Copic Pens
Dylusions Inks

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This week I started a new blog!
It is called FILE OH! FEVER.
For those of you old enough to remember using a Filofax, they have come back like "lightening" but this time round as an "art medium."
They have their own community, their own addicted members, their own blogs, etsy shops, google links and FB pages ... hundreds of them!
It is a wonderful community - just like this community.
Generous, kind, helpful and nurturing.
And all addicted to our supplies ... our Filofaxes and our art supplies (which are the same as I use for my regular mixed media art pieces, plus a few post it notes and stickers a la age 7 ish.)
It is particularly wonderful in that I have been able to transform from age 57 to 7 in a matter of hours of receiving my first Filofax!
I can choose to decorate my journal in the same way I used stickers in Kindergarten, grade one or grade 7.  It all works!  In fact, the cuter the better.
It has been a great few days ... this blast from the past.
Another totally legitimate excuse to "play like a baby!" but be "organized like an adult!"

For Today's mixed media art, I have taken the leap and am opening an Etsy shop.  It will be under my name - Samara Navi.  It is actually a birthday gift from my oldest son, Jordan, and his wife Laura.  Such an original gift!  But a fantastic one; believing in me to be able to sell my work - something I have never believed.

Today's art are some of the first large pieces for my shop.  I have created upward of 50 cards for the shop, some of which I will post for next weeks Paint Party Friday.

Have a great weekend!
Happy Arting and Journalling.

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While I was painting today, in my equivalent of a "smash book" I was thinking about Friendship, as a concept.  Friendship allows us to see all our bumps and bruises as well as all our sparkly shiny spots, whether we want to or not.  I guess we could just ditch the Friendship when this bulldog shitzu stuff surfaces, as I did for years. - or we could acknowledge the "stuff" and get on with life, transform our own "stuff" and not blame the other person for what "we" feel and "we" experience in relationship with "them."

It came to me that a friend - whether that friend is one that is outside of us, or one that is on the inside of us - such as G-d -  is a "To Thine own Self Be True" state of affairs.  We are Gardeners of the Soul - or we are Soul Killers of ourselves and others.  We landscape our Souls, alongside G-d - depending on whether we are cooperative partners or we are resistant enemies in the Spiritscaping contract of our Friendships (and this includes with family.)

I have a friend who creates her own Radio Show, as a way of "Spiritscaping" as I call it.  Her show is on VOICE AMERICA and she is Leah Brenda Smith.  Her topics all fall within the concept of what I call "SPIRITSCAPING" in one way or another.  If you pop over to her show, I promise you that you will be hooked!  Your soul will bring you back for more and more each week, feeling so glad you did!

And then there are other people, such as myself, who choose (as their way of Creative Spiritscaping) to make hundred upon hundreds of cards for Our Troops overseas (and the like), ensuring those in need have cards or art to send back home, send from their hospital room to families at home or send from shelters to their loved ones. I just want them to have cards.  Funny thing about this - too ironic to be true...I personally am NOT a card sender!  I have not yet figured this one out...

No matter what you do, what I do, what my friend does, consider it for a moment...are you a Spiritscaper or a resistant enemy of helping the tree of Friendship (remember - family included) bare its fruits (or not)?  Give it a's an interesting concept to ponder, at least I found it so.

Soulfully Yours,

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Jack White...what a fantastic musician!

For today, I have taken some of the lyrics from "Seven Nations Army Video" and made a card that typifies an all too often scene in my home City - Toronto.

Whether it be in a Park, on the Street or in an Alley, it is so wrong, so sad, so blatantly unacceptable that we, as a community, are complacent to this.  That we move in a direction, that we walk on by - both figuratively and literally.  I am as guilty of this as the next person, seeing it all my life.

But when I decided to do an art piece like for Musically Challenged Challenge, as a DT, - this I thought..."WOW, WAIT A MINUTE SAMARA!  What are you doing to help end this tragedy and what can you do?"

So my path at this present moment is to research the best way possible to make a difference in this aspect of Street Life in the Big City.  To find a way to help those who want to be helped.  To contribute what I can - being a poor turtle myself - and in a way I can, that will hopefully make a small dent in this picture becoming a new picture I will "art" one day.

What do you think - how does this picture and the situation impact you where you live?

I am curious...


HeArtfully Yours,


our sponsor this week is some creators over at Stitchy Bear Stamps. 

This is my DT art for Musically Challenged Challenge.
Pop on over there for some amazing images from Stitchy Bear...
They are truly some of my fav. images, as are the ones below.

As for Christine and her vid...
This is a total crazy video!
While it says, "no harm has come to men in the video"
I am sure there is harm to the psyche of men...
But aren't some videos just like that
All in the name of " video creativity?"
I truly apologize if it offends.
It is meant to be "off the wall" for our challenge...
Not to hurt!

Be sure to check out Kapree's Challenge...
Each bi-week, there is a new Video for inspiration.
And of course, where we go with the video is completely within our control...
Christine took it one way...
We as designer's took it completely another!
Man, if only we made the money she does! 

Lovies, Samara

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I think not.
I believe we dance from this lifetime to the next.
If we stop dancing too early
Or too late
We stop blooming
We cease to create
We lose our spark
Our passion dries up
Our crazy ya ya's go wayside.

We dance and come alive
We are bright
And laugh
Want to love
To share
And hug each other
Touch each other's hearts
Hold one another's hands.

Why not take the first step today -
And dance.

  -samara rachel navi

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I am dust particles in sunlight.
I am the round sun.

To the bits of dust I say, Stay.
To the sun, Keep Moving.

I am morning mist
and the breathing of evening.

I am wind in the top of a grove,
and surf on the cliff.

Mast, rudder, helmsman, and keel,
I am also the coral reef they founder on.

I am a tree with a trained parrot in its branches.
Silence, thought and voice.
The musical air coming through a flute,
a spark of a stone, a flickering

in metal. Both candle,
and the moth crazy around it.

Rose, and the nightingale
lost in the fragrance.

I am all orders of being, the circling galaxy,
the evolutionary intelligence, the lift,

and the falling away.  What is,
and what isn't. You who know

Jelaluddin, You the one
in all, say who

I am. Say I
am You.

This is a poem that typifies what my Doctorate is about - Metaphysical Science in Ministry.  It also typifies my Art for love of where I was raised and lived for 34 years, Toronto, an my love of where I live now, and hour and a half East of Toronto - in the Countryside in a town of 1100.  My journalling is about what I love and do not love about each - but my heart is ONE with each, as in Rumi's poem.  I am Toronto and Toronto is me.  I am Smithfield and Smithfield is me.

In Metaphysical Science this concept is broadened to the entire Universe...the concept that we are all ONE and the ONE of all of us is in each of us.  It is quite a beautiful and startling concept if you think of it because every word, action and thought I have, positive AND negative,  effects and affects my friends who live across the World in profound ways, and all the friends that I have not met. This contributes to our "intuition" in situations, or to good or yucky feelings that we sometimes just can't explain...the energy of it just may be coming from 1/2 way around the world!  What an amazing thought when it is positive.  What a horrible thought when it is a war, or hatred, or strife.  The D'alai Lama speaks to this in his Global Public Visits.

We are all uniquely and micro- connected in beautiful and profound ways.  What a beauty Nature and Humanity can be if we let it be and we work to embrace ALL parts of ourselves in loving ways - the good, the bad and the ugly - so it (they) don't get out of hand and boink another person on the head!

The greatest challenge we face.  I know I do!

I hope you've enjoyed my post for today - Please know I share all this from a place of Humility and from an ardent attempt myself to learn and relearn it all everyday.  I often go through periods of YUK times where I need  constant reminders of the things I've studied extensively so I put sticky notes "everywhere!"  Believe me, it's a trick I learned long ago and it really works!!! xox

HeArtfully Yours,

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