This challenge theme is a killer for someone who isn't a "natch"  of a funny person (moi) but for our team, who made many "funnies with this theme" - bang on!  The girls really owned this one.  It's a must to go over to IKE'S WORLD CHALLENGE and see what the rest of the Design Team dreamed up using Ike's Images from her Store! 
Having my long haired grey cat Louis, who clearly does not know he is a cat, but thinks he is a Lion, who has been tamed to be a Lover indoors but a gigantico hunter while he sleeps outdoors, these images of IKE'S appealed to me big time!  And of course, being the youngest sib of 3 - the idea of both being a troublemaker and being picked on - well need I say more to all the youngest siblings out there!

It's a Samara Thing!