Hello World Survivors of 2020!

And deep prayers for those who have not survived 2020.

Greetings in this "rethink your life" time.  

I hope you are all safe, healthy and happy, and discovering newness all around your home, your peeps and yourself.  

This summer has been a powerful one.  The World has come alive in new ways, spoken in ways that are long overdue and suffered, commiserated, and laughed together.  Mostly, for me, I love the "realness" that I see on TV - people in their homes (who are usually on the set), and people in general becoming unafraid to say what is "really" going on in their lives.  

Covid, if nothing else, tells me "We Can No Longer Hide".  

Not from our vulnerabilities, not from our biases, not from our health regimine or lack thereof and mostly, not from each other.  THANK YOU ZOOM!


Today I have used Ike's Cute Fairy.  Find all Ike's images in her store at https://ikesart.zibbet.com/shop.  Hop on over to the Challenge Blog at https://ikesworldchallengeblog.blogspot.com/ to check out some cuteness and to hopefully become inspired to enter your own creation into the challenge.

Stay Healthy, Stay Happy and Stay Real...it all counts!