IKES WORLD CHALLENGE BLOG - Anything Goes with a TWIST of Cake (Wedding, Birthday etc.)


This is the name of Ike's latest image.
I had an idea of combining the Macabre with the Nice (nice = wedding???).
And Ike invented this sketch, which I completely love.

Of course, in my twisted way of thinking...immediately came "TILL DEATH DO US PART."
Ugh - please don't be offended if you are one of the lucky ones who has a "blessed" wedding, happy as a lark and full of surprises (but not necessarily Party Girl Surprise type of Surprise!) lol

Pop on over to Ike's World Challenge Blog and see what the Designers did.  They are SO creative.  I love the variety that is over there.

Now all that is missing is YOURS!

Pop over for Ike's freebie - YAY - and let's see whatcha' got!


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IKE'S WORLD CHALLENGE - Anything Goes with the Option of Let it Snow


It has been a bit since I posted, but here I am once again.

I am using IKE'S "First Christmas" Image.  Isn't she adorable?  I did not use the Christmas Branch that is part of the image - so you will have that option when you purchase the image from IKE'S Store.

The second card I made is NOT one of Ike's Images - but is the image/art that helped to break my NO MOJO that has been present since May.  It is one of those layer thing a ma bobs.  I guess using something pre-made gave me the oomph to get back here to my desk.

I hope you enjoy both, and please visit IKE'S ART CHALLENGE to pick up your own freebie and to enter IKE'S Challenge.

Have a great day!

 Image:  First Christmas from Ikesart.com