February 28, 2010 - RISING ABOVE THOUGHT...

...and the last day of the Olymps!  I hope you are all watching the hockey at this moment!!!  For me, it is right beside me on the TV - 2nd period...Yay Canada!!! ...so this will be short, but hopefully sweet.  I will draw upon my POWER CARDS once again...


that is to say totally present

in the NOW, all negativity would

dissolve almost instantly.

It could not survive in 

your Presence.

Eckhard Tolle, The Power Of Now Inspiration Deck

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Using my favorite type of ribbon...

and my favorite type of copic art system...

oolaa my fav. color (hot chocolate!)...

and a funky flying fairy that I get to dress up!...

and I can't resist my sparkles nor copic make-up...

and what do you get?   Ta da!  THE REAL STORY!!!

Lovingly made with:

Paper:  Origins (Basic Grey)
Stamp:  Fairy (Mo's Digital Stamps)
Ink: Copics
Thread: Wisteria (Basic Grey)
Markers: (Stampin' Up!)
Brad: Origins (Basic Grey)
Stamp: Circle Circus - Beneath Chocolate Brad (Stampin' Up!)
Glitter: Heat and Stick (Stampin' Up), Jewels Glitter Ritz
Border Punch: (Stampin' Up!)


February 26, 2010 A GORGEOUS SNOWY DAY!


Glorious!  G-d is so wonderous to make this stuff...wonder if there are things like those utensil scoops for watermelon and cantelope up there in Heaven and G-d is up there just scooping away every single sno flake?  Hmmm.  Just a crazy morning thought!

Yesterday, while making my cards, I reflected on how I love busy cards - chock full of color, different angles etc.  So, I tried to do 2 cards that were....more, let's say, not me!  But before that...I had to do a "samara-card" to get my mojo-on for this huge challenge!  So, small prayer preceeding....get ready...Over this weekend I will show my 2 "not me-now me" but I love them cards, however today I will start with the - Yup - "samarian" card!

Funny thing about this card...I purchased these wonderful french dictionary vintage pages and used one in the background of my card.  I then thought...Oh my gosh...what have I said on this card?  I asked my bi-lingual young son what I said and Phew...it is about gardening!  Saved!!!  Getting ready for Easter and His arrival...  Enjoy!


All human beings powerfully sustain one another.  The lovers

of G-d in this contingent world become the mercies and the

blessings sent out by that gentle King of the seen and unseen

realms.  Let them purify their sight and behold all humankind

as leaves and blossoms and fruits of the Tree of Being.

Baha' Ullah (1817-1892), Persia

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Lovingly Made With

Paper:  Woman (Reddy Cards - Ecstasy Crafts) - Please feel free to copy my picture and send it to them if you want to order the same girl.
Newsprint: Vintage Paper Works - Upcycled Book and Game Journals (Judy Ashman)
Rose Red (Stampin' Up!)
Flowered Background (Vintage Stash)
Stickers ($ Store)
Ink: Gold Metallic - (Brilliance - Galaxy Gold, Adirondack - Cranberry, Tim Holtz - Vintage, Tea, Walnut, Denim)
Embossing: (Stampin' Up! Textured Impressions Final Press)
Pink Flower:  Michael's Floral Section (not the scrapbook section where it is 3X more expensive!!)
Brad: (Stampin' Up! Hardware Kit Vanilla)
Outline on Card: (Krylon Brass Pen - Large)
Corner Rounder: (Creative Memories)
Lace: (Local Sewing Store)




I just had the most wonderful conversation with my children's father, whom I consider a friend, about 'destiny'.  This came on the back of my knowing there were certain things I needed to say...to make amends for still 17 years later.  The conversation leads me to believe, it is only through this process one can truly continue to grow and continue to live THE LIFE THEY HAVE ALWAYS IMAGINED....

Some have said this so wisely....

This card is actually my entry for Splitcoaststampers Color Challenge, which was to use some or all of the 2010 OLYMPIC colors.

Since the design and logos they are using this year (as opposed to the year I carried the torch) are my most favorite colors, this was easy shmeasy for me.

Funny how life happens...isn't it - a challenge and a conversation - all saying the same thing.

Lovingly made with:

STAMPTime 2 Fly (The Uptown Design Company)
INK:  Dutch Blue, Ocean, Citrus Leaf (Close to My Heart)
PAPER:  Bermuda Bay, White, Green Galore (Stampin' Up!), Gold Metallic (Ecstasy Crafts)
STUFFS:  Bling (Basic Grey), Spellbinders Folder, Sponging


I hope if there are any amends you need to make, you too will take this Extreme Challenge!

February 22, 2010 - THIS WEEK I HAVE BEEN MEDITATING ON.....

knowing that I will always and forever defend my children, no matter what their age.  I have reflected on what the statement above means to me [in all seriousness and practicality], theologically, psychologically and philosophically....and on my unwaivering commitment to do so, in body, emotion, mind and spirit. I went to varying references to support me and my devotion to Jordan, Ayla and Taylor.  I praise G-d for the many blessings in our lives! and particularly, that my children have each chosen good and healthy paths.    I KNOW I share this devotion and commitment above with MANY, if not ALL of you!


Even as a mother at the risk of her life would

watch over her only child, so let us with boundless

mind and goodwill survey the whole world.

The Buddha (c.563 - c.483BCE), India

Lovingly made with

Stamp:  Guardian Angel (Reddy Creative Cards)
Paper:  Papertrey, Stampin' Up!
Ribbon:  Stampin' Up!s new satin line
Buttons:  Stampin' Up!
Wool:  Wallmart




My God and my Lord:

eyes are at rest, the stars are setting,

hushed are the movements of birds in their nests,

of monsters in the deep.

And you are the Just who knows no change,

the Equity that does not swerve,

the Everlasting that never passes away.

The doors of kings are locked

and guarded by their henchmen.

But your door is open to those who call upon you.

My Lord, each lover is now alone with his beloved.

And I am alone with You.

Rabi'ah al-Adawiyah (c.717-801), India

Well, you can probably figure out that I used a 12" ruler as my base.  I painted it with my copics in my fav. color - passion pink.  I used the variety of colors that came with The Taylored Expressions Monthly Kit from Last March, figuring they might have some Easter colors...I was right!  Smartypants Taylor!!  I then looked for a cutie pie duck (I had to ask my son if this was a girl or boy!!!)  He told me "I was a fail!!!"  So, of course "SHE" had to also have a pink ribbon, then pink ribbons below the ribbons, tying in the letters and in the middle.  The duckie is from Stampin' Up!  The Stamps are from CTMH and I used Staz On, simply because I just re-inked it and it was nice and juicy!  Hmmm  I don't think I left anything out.

My duckie decided it wanted to go sliding!  So, I let it play for a while!!!

But then came the discipline!  (Poor duckie)


O God, you are my rock, my rescue, and
my refuge, I leave it all quietly to you.

George Appleton (1902 - 93) England



MY CHALLENGE WITH THE COLOR ORANGE AT SPLITCOASTSTAMPERS "WAYS TO USE IT" Wednesday Challenge continues. I shall not give up!!!  lol

So, me being me...I had to find something spiritual about it in order to get my creative spark going!  I did some research and of course, the color Orange is the Second "Chakra."

Chakras are energy centers in the body according to ancient Hindi practice. Meditating on the chakras can bring healing in a particular situation or a deeper wholeness throughout one's life.

The second chakra is located in the genital area. The color orange is often associated with the second chakra.

This chakra provides energy for creativity, sensuality, and intimacy. Passion, desire, relationships and sexual expression are all rooted in the second chakra. This is also the chakra for the inner artist, musician, writer, and all who create beauty for others to enjoy (how fascinating that I would resist this color....hmmm....this will have to be MY meditation!  Oh Heck, you know me....I'll offer one up RIGHT HERE!!!! 



The following chakra and prayer exercise is to support others and enhance creativity.

Before beginning, find a comfy place to sit, get a warm cuddly blankey or a pillow or something you consider really a safe and lovely serene sitting spot.

Notice the second chakra is in the center of the genital area. Visualize an orange light, eminating from the genital area and radiating outward. If the orange light does not work, try an orange object such as an orange or the sun. Focus on the orange light until it is strong and bright, and the body feels connected to itself.

Next, reflect upon relationships, peoples, or situations in the world that create fear, anxiety, loneliness, and grief. Examples might include an ill loved one, trouble with a spouse, sexual issues, famine in the Sudan, or a desire to finish decorating a room. Note that if there is a lot going on, fixate on just one issue per meditation session. Avoid the temptation to take on too much.

Offer the area or areas of concern, known as intercessions, into the orange light. Visualize the orange light absorbing the concerns into the energy of the universe. Let the orange light absorb the petitions until one feels a sense of peace or closure.

Now, bask in the orange light a few moments before letting the orange light dim back into the genital area. Sit comfortably, with eyes closed, for several minutes, absorbing the experience. Try not to move too quickly, but transition gently into opening the eyes and getting up.

I hope this is something you will take the time to do; it is the type of exercise I personally find extremely relaxing and a wonderful to get my body in tune.

And on a second note, is it what I had to do to get in gear for this blooming ORANGE card!!!!! lol  I hope you like it.

Hey hey!  see how orange this one is!!!!!
time to play around - I am SO orangified!!!


Paper:  Papertrey
Stamp:  Outlines
Utencils:!!! (Pencils - Prisma) (Markers - Spica) (Markers Pumkin Pie - SU)
Ribbon:  Michael's
Embossing Plate border: Cuttlebug
Embossing Flutterbyes:  The best I've ever used!  A new one from Stampin' Up!  Sizzlet
Ink:  Pumpkin Pie (Stampin' Up"

Have a really funny (as in HaHa belly laughter all over the place) Day!




How is that for candid!!!

It is so not my favorite color that I can barely even think of a thing to say about it, other than in my folk art paints I happen to love the shades from yellow to brown, which include lots of rusts, burnt oranges and, yikes - if I MUST say the word - orange!!!

So here is my entry dear Splitcoaststampers!  ( I bet you've never known me to be so lost for words!  haha!

I hope you enjoy my itsy bitsy usage of orange....oh....please forgive....I

Reluctantly (lol)  Made With....

Paint:  Americana Paint
Stencil: Folk Art Stencil Stash
Veneer:  DecoArt
Brushes:  Legacy

Have a great day full of smiles!


Wednesday, February, 17, 2010 THE EXTREME SPORTS OF THE WINTER OLYMPICS...


I have been glued to the TV.  And as such, have been researching "the extreme athlete."  I've been surprised by what I found.  I guess we have some sort of stereotype of the "need for speed" types...those who like to fly through the air must be fly through the air types in other areas of their lives too.  The book I have been reading says not.  It says Olympic Athletes, who partake in Luge, Ski Racing, Flying etc. have low alcohol, gambling and addiction in general issues.  They tend to be individuals who are NOT control freaks (as we might think given the amount of concentration etc. that is needed to accomplish such feats as they do) but rather enjoy walking on the edge of the particular sport that catches their attention.  But, it is as much the love of the sport as it is the walking on the edge of it, that is the attraction.

I will leave it at that...and hope to entice you to do your own research on the EXTREME ATHLETE, and at this time, perhaps you will be interested as I was, in the EXTREME OLYMPIC ATHLETE.  One book I can recommend that I have found facsinating is Xtreme Sports, A Gallery of Risks by Rick McMillen.  It is a wonderful look at the photography of the sport plus introductions by various professionals who work with the athletes.  Enjoy!

Today's card is inspired by Canada's downhill skier, on finishing 6th!  A special should out to the amazingly talented and not to mention ravishing and brave NUMBER ONE WORLD WINNER LINDSAY VONN!!!  CONGRATS U.S.A.!!!

Lovingly Made With.....

Pictures from the above Mentioned Book
Paper: Papertrey Ink
Stamp: Leisure Arts Moments in the Making Collection
Accessories:  Green All American Craft Paint, Sakura Pens, White Gel Pen (SU), Liquid Pearls, Riding Hood Red Ink (SU), Flowers (Michael's), Frame (Stash) Punch (SU) Gems (Stash)


Sunday, February 14, 2010...LOVE HITS YOU WHEN YOU LEAST EXPECT IT....

My son and I just came back from what I can only describe as a "wild and beastly" trip to Ottawa, Ontario, to meet with a wonderful Cantor Daniel Benlolo, [this is not the beastly part!]who we will return to Ottawa often to meet with, in order for him to teach my son and help him to go from innocence to manhood! [we are talking Bar Mitzva here only]!!  All day today, the day of love, we have been so aware of how Taylor's and my soul's have been nourished by the continuing deepening of our family, of LOVE, of loyalty and protection. 

On the trainride to Ottawa, we met what Taylor calls "a true man of God."  It is really something to see your 12 year old "taken" by a person to the degree Taylor was by Larry. 

Larry talked to Taylor about Bar Mitzva, its meaning and the sacredness of Taylor learning what his soul's purpose is in this lifetime.  He told Taylor that the reading (parsha) that Taylor will recite at his Bar Mitzva,when he is 13, will inform who Taylor is,right into the chambers of his heart.  Taylor could not look away as this man spoke to him.  He even gave Taylor a book with some readings on "laying the seeds of spirituality."

For Taylor, he said meeting Larry was the sole reason he went to Ottawa, because this time we didn't actually end up meeting our Cantor/Teacher/Mentor, but are planning for the near future...  And for that Taylor considers the trip a success! That Larry prepared him for what he would unknowingly face in Ottawa - a very beastly situation, [nothing to do with our Cantor] that neither of us could have predicted. Taylor's challenge, [almost true to Larry's word and the readings he gave Taylor] included protecting both himself and his family. Now, I know he is 5'6" and has size 13 shoes, but what I saw and heard, I could not have predicted in my wildest dreams.  Taylor made some wise choices 'for himself' and voiced his own meaning of love, family, protection and loyalty. He rejected other people's attempts to convince him they were his family unit. He is a strong boy...he is slowly flying out of the nest, but taking us with him! My 12 year old boy rose to the occassions he was called to.  He has entered the Jewish tradition initiation from boy to mensch [man in Hebrew!!] I am a very proud Mommy. 

So today, we celebrate, we savour LOVE, and are thankful for the blessings and generous hearts of Taylor's Cantor Benlolo, who he will study with for the next year, for Larry and for the members of our Family, who were waiting for us when we returned home, with laughter, open arms, lots of stories and lots of fatigue!  Home can feel very bless-ed!  Even my daughter whose plane has now landed in the Dominican was close by to give mommy and baby brother some lovin.' And older bro's heart is just a beat and a text away in any millisecond! 

For a first visit to Bar Mitva Land, thanks to Larry...I'd say my baby grew up!   And for that...I think this is a pretty great spankin' wonderful Valentine's Day!!!  Oh...all of this greatness is just second to his REAL love, which is his prep for the NBA [as you already know!]  

Below is my Valentine's Day card for Taylor, if you can believe it!!! oh yes...do you like the new LOVIN' wallpaper?  Taylor and I wanted to earmark this milestone in his tender but oh so determined 12 years of life!  Happy Lovin' to you! Betcha got a more romantic card than a basketball!!! hearts and hugs From Taylor and I. xox

These pics are Taylor eagerly anticipating his very first train-ride.  My youngest is true country-boy!

Here is Taylor and [oops I forgot his name but Taylor won't!] and Taylor and Mommy playing hide and go seek from the camera!  Taylor is growing his hair to his waist in order to donate it to people with Cancer or other conditions and needs for human hair.  He feels very strongly about his project to do this for others.

and.....ta da!

Hmmm.  I don't quite know why these stick-on's didn't include a head!!! Sorry Taylor!!!!


Paper: Stampin' Up! Naturals, Old Olive, Chocolate Chip, Dusty Durango Designer Pad
Ink: Stampin' Up! Soft Suede, Dusty Durango. Crushed Curry, Chocolate Chip, Whisper White Craft Ink, Real Red Marker
Stamps: Stampin' Up! Cute Cues and Cute Converse
Accessories:  EK Punch, Stampin' Up! Sizzix Dies



AND IN OUR WORLD....OUR MILITARY COMMANDER...head of the entire Trenton, Ontario, 8 Wing and Canada Base Military (CFB) where all our fallen heros in Canada come back to, has been charged with [and confessed to] two counts of first degree murder, and two rapes...one murdered woman lives in my tiny town of Brighton, Ontario, and the other from Tweed, Ontario...all women from our surrounding areas...and now the investigation begins to look at his entire career and where the Commander has been posted all over the world, and the unsolved crimes within those same locations.  I am writing about this because it is all that is on my mind since the press conference at 1:00 p.m. today.  The pervasive climate to this news disclosure is one of shock and complete disbelief! There is a fear settling in and LOVE has to be found.

I feel so prayerful for all the Canadians who have loved ones overseas and who now must questions the decisions the Commander made regarding Afganistan and World Conferences.  I pray for Canada...And so ask you for your Prayers. I know my readers are from around the world...we need your help here in Canada.  Bless you!

My community is at a standstill. Glued to the on-going live news-conferences, lined-up at the base, court house and jail.  Most people here are either in the Military, or have family in the Military.  We are Military towns.  There is a shiver you can feel of "who now can you trust...."  SO PRAYER IS NEEDED HERE...IN OUR LITTLE NECK OF THE WOODS IN TRENTON ONTARIO,QUINTE ONTARIO, TWEED ONTARIO, CANADA...AND MORE THAN EVER FOR OUR TROOPS WHOSE MORAL may well BE TESTED and for our military to keep their resolve and hold their heads up high in the midst of this shock and disbelief!  Please pray with me for the families of the women who were murdered and the victims of the rapes and for every person who continues to work at the base with questions that are unsurmountable.  Please pray with me that the general public will treat each and all military service person with the respect and gratitude that each and every one deserved and deserves.  Amen.

This card is my way of putting reassurance of the power of God outward...from my heart to you.

Be well and walk gently,


...CAN'T GET THE MOVIE OFF MY MIND AND HAD TO KEEP GOING!!!  p.s.  my goddesses at cinema saturday, you will notice...the rebel in me keeps creating without the mandatory requirement and just follows "my" heart!  So, I hope you just like looking at my art.  And mwah!!! xox

So Cinema Saturday Challenge Girls, here we go....two more entries....
I hope you like them!
Loves ya.
Oh....and God too!!!
Your Samara

Please double click to receive the full benefit from my large layouts.  Thanks much.

Especially here, I'm quite sure you will need to double click to get the full effect of this layout.
My son Jordan is on the right side of my layout (really their layout as it is their gift) - and Our Laura (his Partner) is on the left side.
The sentiments on my layout are SO parallel to what I feel and see throughout the movie.


Labels:  Basic Grey and CM and Stampin' Up!

Blessings to you for a good night's rest with the one you love



Our friends over at Paper Pal Arts have unleashed another challenge for us.  I was breathless when I saw what it was.  In fact, I just churned out the cards, one after another, within 2 hours.  This is rare for me, for anyone that knows me.  I hum and I haw... I look at this and I look at that.

With these colors....ooooo laaaa laaaa....they give me shivers!!!!


CARD NUMBER two, three and four, plus my two large layouts (under a different URL MR. LINKY WINKY at CSCC) are MY ENTRY for CSCC

This movie was so gorgeous - it was so much about believing, keeping love in one's heart, holding on and following one's dreams.  Are you sleepless on one of your visions or goals or ideals...?

This is the perfect movie to help awaken the spirit!!!  So....CARD NUMBER FOUR speaks to my entry - the bird across the miles, the heart - well, self explanatory and the sentiment...mind, body and soul coming together and speaking the truth that is unavoidable destiny. 

The Vintage roller in the background looks very French to me - an ideal that speaks to me of a certain type of freedom to persue that which calls aloud.

CARD NUMBER THREE - I just see the two souls that can't be separated...even by the distance.  Destiny is ruling, the forces are pulling them together - even if timing is getting in the way for a while. But ultimately, each is the shadow of the other, while still having its own separate identity.

CARDS NUMBER TWO - While these cards are quite simple in look, they each describe different values and virtues that I saw in the movie - the tenants of love - following one's heart in the midst of utter blindness to the outcome or to common sense.

So, after a brief reflection...bring em all on!

From Friendship with God by Neale Donald Walsch, page 174

Yes, but how do I do that?

Live your life for a new reason.  Understand that its purpose has nothing to do with what you get out of it, and everything to do with what you put into it.  This is also true of relationships.

The purpose of life is to create your Self anew, in the next grandest version of the greatest vision ever you held about Who You Are.  It is to announce and become, express and fulfill, experience and know your true Self.

This requires nothing of the other people in your life - or any other person in particular.  That is why you can love others without requiring anything of them.

The idea of being jealous of the time that those you love spend playing golf, or working at the office, or in the arms of another is an idea that can only occur to you if you imagine that your own happiness is compromised when the one that you love is happy.

Or that your happiness depends on your loved one always being with you, rather than being with someone else, or doing something else.....

CARD NUMBER ONE ( a 3 part card)




lovingly made with:

Paper Colors:  Paper Pals Challenges
Ink: Stampin' Up!
Stamps: All Stampin' Up!
Punches: Stampin' Up!
Bling: Basic Grey
Ribbon: Michael's
Stencil: Tattered Angels - Glimmer Screens

Be At Peace and thanks so much for dropping in!