Oy we go again.  Typically I want to lose weight, but I just did that so now I have to think of something else.  Any suggestions?  Oh, I just heard about 100!  Yikes...  Where do I start?  Today's card says it all for me.  I want to "reach for the stars!" 

For me, that means a New Year's resolution to MAKE WISE CHOICES...[wisdom & experience combined.] I'm hopeful!! Do you ever find yourself saying "yes" when really, the answer should or even yet needs to be "no!"  I find myself in that situation LOTS and GUILT is the big factor here!  It is just way too easy to feel Major Guilt when that 2 letter word [NO] exits from the lips so out comes the dreaded YES [when we know it needs to be a NO] instead.

Well, I have a great book for working on this!  It's called FACING SHAME by Merle A. Fossum.  It sounds like a VERY heavy topic and an even heavier book, but once you break the cover of the book...there lies the crux of the BLAME/SHAME/GAME, also known as GUILT EXTRA-ORDINAIRE!!!  And, let me tell you [though I'm not sure how I'd really know this given I am Jewish] but I'm SURE you don't have to be Jewish to feel GUILT!!! And this book tells us that saying NO is absolutely essential for a healthy soul!  I'm up for that...

So, I'm going to REACH HIGH and DEEP INTO MY SOUL and learn that "NO" IS A VALID WORD.  Yes, at 53 years old...this dog is going to learn a new trick!  This is my New Year's Resolution for 2010.  SQUISHY HUGS.

Paper: Kiwi Kiss Notecards - Spring/Summer 2009 (SU)
Ink:  Stampin' Write Markers (SU)
Stamp:  Front and Inside (Stash)
Accessories: Stampin' Glitter (SU), Die Cut (Stash), Goldleaf Outline Pen (Stash)


  1. Beauiful card! Plus I love the look of your blog!

  2. happy new year squishy..beautiful and vewy vewy wise
    site you have created and i love the music:)

  3. Aloha i'm fresh on here, I stumbled upon this website I find It vastly useful & it's helped me out loads. I should be able to give something back and help other users like it has helped me.

    Cheers all, See You Around.


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