The Holiday was Perfect - both Chanukkah and Christmas.  My cubs were amazing!  They were SO LOVING and GIVING and FULL OF GRATITUDE for everything I offered them.  There wasn't a moment were they weren't together in love, being themselves, laughing or just being so dang sincere, funny, spontaneous, that they were absolutely irresistable!    And for me (self-praise coming up...) the secret I discovered...pick recipes for the meals that can be prepared AHEAD OF TIME. 

Gosh, I wondered how my friend's managed to spend time with their guests and family and actually SIT DOWN WITH THEM on the couch during the holidays for long amounts of time and SMOOZE.  Now I have the Secret!  I had loads of time to love my children, to listen to their stories, to look at my daughter's pictures from her travels, to listen to my son play his composition that he entered in his recent trip to Spain, and spend time hearing the truths from my 11 year old's heart about spending time with his big sibs who he doesn't see all that often.  IT WAS A SUCCESS.......YAY!!!!!      

My lifetime angst about this Season is finally over.  WaHoo!!!

So how timely (because it is all about me....right?  lol) that VALENTINE'S DAY and the "ALL ABOUT LOVE" are on the horizon now.  My heart is SO FILLED WITH LOVE and SATISFACTION for my "GOOD WORK CUBS",  for their willingness to travel and to make time in their abundantly busy schedule, to be here with their MOMMY, their MOM, their SAMARA, SLAVE and MAID (she says laughing) - as I am lovingly and jokingly referred to!!!! (guess you have to be

Today's card is dedicated to coming out of a Season that is A CONSPIRICY (in the best use of the word) TO UNITE THE WORLD IN LOVE and to going into another holiday that symbolizes...MAGIC FOR LOVER'S.  SQUISHY HUGS.

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I made this milk carton after "hours" of trial and error.  I was determined to make a pattern myself and not use anything that was pre-done.  It isn't perfect, but I felt great that it was "mine!"
Perhaps you could view the multiple score lines as "part of the pattern" lol!!!  Cool disguise huh.

Small detail glitch "how was it going to be held closed?...hmmm."  I finally came up with a candy stripped paper clip and was SOOOOO happy (looks like it was meant to be right?) 

Well, there you have it.  My one and only self invented "big box!"  But I must does inspire me to go on the assembly  (kidding!)


LABEL:  thank you thank you Stampin' Up!

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  1. Great job with the template! I have always thought it would be so cool to be the person who thought of these neat ideas!


My wish for you is a great day full of laughter! Samara x