Thursday, April 29, 2010 - FRIENDSHIP IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST...

KAREN'S INSPIRATION'S....... is a wonderful blog! You must check it out...

I was remiss the other day, when I gave credit in my "Lovingly made by" as solely "Gift."
This needed to be corrected, which I will dedicate my post to today.

Today's post is about friendship.

Karen is a wonderful, among the many, on-line friend.  Karen, in her own special - very special kindness and intuition and Christian ways, gifted me with so so many card making and paper items.

She has sent me packages of surprise goodies...things that I would never expect to receive from someone I met through our creating sites on the internet!

Karen has punched out frames for me (the one used on my daughter, Ayla's Grad card, and the paper behind it) crosses she took the time and ran through her dies and machines, and the most beautiful papers that were gifted to her!

These are things that I could not afford to purchase myself, nor many of the items she has sent to me, find here in Canada.

So a huge shout out for the LOVE SENT IN THE NAME OF GOD!

KAREN - you are a beautiful soul and an angel in my life!

I love you and I thank you for the aliveness you bring to me, with your friendship, and you dedication to the One!

God Bless "you"  Beautiful Womyn,


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