Easter Saturday/Fifth Day of Passover...Saturday, April 3, 2010

ANGST: 1. formal - a feeling of deep anxiety of dread.  2. informal - a feeling of persistent worry about something trivial.

While yesterday I was celebrating the collision of Passover and Easter, last evening I carried with me this unavoidable feeling of "angst."  Let me go further into the word ANGST -

It is a NOUN.  It's main definition is Anxiety and it's secondary meaning is worry and tension.

It's SYNONYMS (like words - those you would find in a thesausus) are:

Ants in Pants
Pins and Needles

The AUTONYMS (the opposite of SYNONYMS) - or the opposite of being in the state of ANGST are:


We have transitioned from Good Friday to Easter Saturday.  This makes sense to me know.  My feelings are starting to calm, as they would have in Christ's time in those who Jesus surrounded during these 4 days, and in those who recognize that Jesus surround them today.  As my own Superior Nun at the hospital used to tell me, when I was a Chaplain and suffering this or that spiritually,  "You are on the Cross - it is OK - just give into it."  Oh, she was SO wise...this is what I miss terribly about working with the Sisters of the Religious Hospitallers of St. Joseph.  Everything seemed to make sense when they spoke to me.    Segue....sorry! (it's one of my give credit where credit is due thingi ma bobs!)

THIS IS PRECISELY WHY  I "LOVE".  And why I say it in that particular way because to me LOVE and JESUS are the same word....because JESUS is the replication of LOVE and SUFFERING all wrapped up in one.  Isn't the experience of love just that?  When will we be ready to accept that...and not fight it or fight people and countries because of it, or fight for everything and everyone to be at peace ALL OF THE TIME!

The world is experiencing LOVE and the world is experiencing SUFFERING.  Today, just for one moment, I am not so worried.

The following piece of artwork is what I created when I was at the utmost of my "angst" last evening.  Incidently, while I was in this state, I created and watched THE BUCKET LIST.  Very Powerful Metaphor!

The heart medallion (at the bottom) says "made with love)

It is subtle, but can you see the cross in the middle of the medal charm?

I specifically chose the flutterbies to symbolize the freedom and "coming out of" of this time of year, yet the groundedness of the minerals and medals and precious stones of the earth

...and I believe the word I have chosen speaks to all of us, individually

Lovingly Made With...

Paper:  Kraft (Stampin' Up!), DSP Marrakech (Basic Grey)
Letters:  becham Milk Chocolate Chip (Basic Grey)
Flutterbies:  CTMH
Pearls: (Basic Grey)
Lace: (Local Sewing Shop)
Beads: (Wallmart Sewing Section)
Medallion: (Earring Collection - 1$ Store)


May you see yourself risen to greater heighths this weekend!


  1. Beautiful, Samara! You are so creative. Your work is always inspired by your heart!

  2. I can see that this came from the heart and anything that you do is an extension of what you're feeling at the time. So let it be displayed and the angst will leave you.

  3. This is gorgeous and that center medallion is beautiful!


My wish for you is a great day full of laughter! Samara x