"Jesus had no fear of showing his true emotions.  The Gospel portrait of Jesus is that a man exquisitely attuned to his emotions and uninhibited in expressing them.  In Luke's Gospel we see him so offended by a discourtesy in the house of Simon the Pharisee that it provokes him to say, "Simon, I came into your house and you didn't even say, 'Hi."' In Mark, he is so touched, so deeply moved, by the tenderness of the woman who anoints his head with perfume that he turns and says, "Write this down!  Wherever the Good News is proclaimed, what she has done will be told also in memory of her."...

Scandalous as it may be, this is the Jesus of the Gospels: a man like us in all things but ungratefulness.  A man consoled by the tears of a sinful woman, a man who experienced anger, irritation and fatigue.  A man who drank his people's wine and sang their wedding songs.  In so many ways and by so many signs did Jesus show us that he is fully human, that he has a sensitive human heart and longs to be treated as one who is human."

When Jesus saw her weeping,
and the Jews who had come along with her also weeping,
he was deeply moved in spirit and troubled.
                                           JOHN 11:33

From: Reflections for Ragamuffins by Brennan Manning

For this frame, once again I have used my beloved felting machine to hook the wool in place.
The background paper is Stampin' Up!s  Handsom Hunter and the rest of the product is from K & C.  It is their Sparkly Sweet Line.  Don't you just love the brads?  I think they are my favorite part of the entire card!!

I really loved the softness of this frame when it came to talking about hope, dreams and family.  There are so many paisley stamps out their, both from Stampin' Up! and other companies.  Stampin' Up! has many features with paisleys that could augment this card, should one want to go that way.

I have purposely over-saturated this photo so that you can see the wool in it's felted method.

And again, the colored frame seemed so beautiful when it comes to the children of the world...our hope and eternal life.  I used my bless-ed copics for the coloring...the rest is just a gift from K & C.


Have a great day...and don't forget to tell your children how much they mean to you!
And if not your children, then someone elses!!