MY CHALLENGE WITH THE COLOR ORANGE AT SPLITCOASTSTAMPERS "WAYS TO USE IT" Wednesday Challenge continues. I shall not give up!!!  lol

So, me being me...I had to find something spiritual about it in order to get my creative spark going!  I did some research and of course, the color Orange is the Second "Chakra."

Chakras are energy centers in the body according to ancient Hindi practice. Meditating on the chakras can bring healing in a particular situation or a deeper wholeness throughout one's life.

The second chakra is located in the genital area. The color orange is often associated with the second chakra.

This chakra provides energy for creativity, sensuality, and intimacy. Passion, desire, relationships and sexual expression are all rooted in the second chakra. This is also the chakra for the inner artist, musician, writer, and all who create beauty for others to enjoy (how fascinating that I would resist this color....hmmm....this will have to be MY meditation!  Oh Heck, you know me....I'll offer one up RIGHT HERE!!!! 



The following chakra and prayer exercise is to support others and enhance creativity.

Before beginning, find a comfy place to sit, get a warm cuddly blankey or a pillow or something you consider really a safe and lovely serene sitting spot.

Notice the second chakra is in the center of the genital area. Visualize an orange light, eminating from the genital area and radiating outward. If the orange light does not work, try an orange object such as an orange or the sun. Focus on the orange light until it is strong and bright, and the body feels connected to itself.

Next, reflect upon relationships, peoples, or situations in the world that create fear, anxiety, loneliness, and grief. Examples might include an ill loved one, trouble with a spouse, sexual issues, famine in the Sudan, or a desire to finish decorating a room. Note that if there is a lot going on, fixate on just one issue per meditation session. Avoid the temptation to take on too much.

Offer the area or areas of concern, known as intercessions, into the orange light. Visualize the orange light absorbing the concerns into the energy of the universe. Let the orange light absorb the petitions until one feels a sense of peace or closure.

Now, bask in the orange light a few moments before letting the orange light dim back into the genital area. Sit comfortably, with eyes closed, for several minutes, absorbing the experience. Try not to move too quickly, but transition gently into opening the eyes and getting up.

I hope this is something you will take the time to do; it is the type of exercise I personally find extremely relaxing and a wonderful to get my body in tune.

And on a second note, is it what I had to do to get in gear for this blooming ORANGE card!!!!! lol  I hope you like it.

Hey hey!  see how orange this one is!!!!!
time to play around - I am SO orangified!!!


Paper:  Papertrey
Stamp:  Outlines
Utencils:!!! (Pencils - Prisma) (Markers - Spica) (Markers Pumkin Pie - SU)
Ribbon:  Michael's
Embossing Plate border: Cuttlebug
Embossing Flutterbyes:  The best I've ever used!  A new one from Stampin' Up!  Sizzlet
Ink:  Pumpkin Pie (Stampin' Up"

Have a really funny (as in HaHa belly laughter all over the place) Day!


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