Well, I've seen all kinds of Valentine's colors and so far, I have to say, the high contrast colors are still my favs.  Today has been a challenging day for me, pretty much on all fronts, so this card brought me lots of joy, to say the least.  I think I am sending it to myself!

I just loved taking the photo above "from the airplane" ...

This one is just to show you the card really does have a front!

The flower was a new discovery...I decided even I can make a homemade flower! So I took out some of my crochetted lace and just started twirling and twirling and voila! It began looking flower-like. Now, how to hold it together? Aha...thanks Stampin' Up! Grabbed a button with the nifty brads on the back and poof - a flower. And don't ya just love SU's new Valentine's paper? I think I'm about to order 2 more sets.

But the real love for me was the wool. Since purchasing my felt machine, I have fallen in love with soft wool. This one takes the cake. It is so cuddly and soft. I am looking for a sweater-knitter now. It is just like a lambskin rug!!!

And Paint!  I had totally forgotten about painting my stamps with my folk art paint.  So I got them out for this set from CTMH and just painted away!  I also painted the Maja chipboard.  It was so fun.  Then I glued and glittered the heart.

And all in all...perhaps this is my favorite!  Or at minimum, I may just give it to "my favorite!"


Have a great day full of discovery!