There was a great sale on laptops last week.  I currently have a teesy 6" x 8" laptop - just enough to use a magnifying glass with.  I was scooped up with all the advertising for this Toshiba at $550.00 Canadian dollars - a steal!

Well, within 72 hours, I think I had spent about 71.5 of them on this machine.  It occurred to me that there might live a little demon inside of it saying "Samara....come to me, come to me."  When I was finally able to pull myself away from it...push myself away from the table, so to speak, I said "that's it...enough!"

I packed that little sucker back up into it's box, went straight back to Walmart, spoke to the sales person, told them my experience and pleaded with them to take it back.  They asked me to promise them that all the pieces (cords etc.) were in the box.  I told them, further to that, I wiped off all my settings.  God sent an angel to the sales counter.  She said she empathized with me, has had the same experience with electronics herself and promptly returned my $550.00 plus 13% rotten tax!

Some days we never know where God might be....
Some days we never know where God might NOT be....

MY LESSON:  Just keep listening inside!

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This card is an entry for a challenge at Splitcoast Stampers called Collage.
I think I'll make the grade.
I used just about everything I have in my studio!


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  1. You certainly have a knack for using a “bissel” of this and a ”bissel” of that and coming up with a master piece. The dense wool from the felting process gives the card an overall substantial feel. There is great balance and contrast between the grounded chocolate brown, and the soft colors of the wool which lend an air of tenderness, topped with a plea to be handled with care. Thanks for your fabulous contribution.Leah


My wish for you is a great day full of laughter! Samara x