AND IN OUR WORLD....OUR MILITARY COMMANDER...head of the entire Trenton, Ontario, 8 Wing and Canada Base Military (CFB) where all our fallen heros in Canada come back to, has been charged with [and confessed to] two counts of first degree murder, and two murdered woman lives in my tiny town of Brighton, Ontario, and the other from Tweed, Ontario...all women from our surrounding areas...and now the investigation begins to look at his entire career and where the Commander has been posted all over the world, and the unsolved crimes within those same locations.  I am writing about this because it is all that is on my mind since the press conference at 1:00 p.m. today.  The pervasive climate to this news disclosure is one of shock and complete disbelief! There is a fear settling in and LOVE has to be found.

I feel so prayerful for all the Canadians who have loved ones overseas and who now must questions the decisions the Commander made regarding Afganistan and World Conferences.  I pray for Canada...And so ask you for your Prayers. I know my readers are from around the world...we need your help here in Canada.  Bless you!

My community is at a standstill. Glued to the on-going live news-conferences, lined-up at the base, court house and jail.  Most people here are either in the Military, or have family in the Military.  We are Military towns.  There is a shiver you can feel of "who now can you trust...."  SO PRAYER IS NEEDED HERE...IN OUR LITTLE NECK OF THE WOODS IN TRENTON ONTARIO,QUINTE ONTARIO, TWEED ONTARIO, CANADA...AND MORE THAN EVER FOR OUR TROOPS WHOSE MORAL may well BE TESTED and for our military to keep their resolve and hold their heads up high in the midst of this shock and disbelief!  Please pray with me for the families of the women who were murdered and the victims of the rapes and for every person who continues to work at the base with questions that are unsurmountable.  Please pray with me that the general public will treat each and all military service person with the respect and gratitude that each and every one deserved and deserves.  Amen.

This card is my way of putting reassurance of the power of God outward...from my heart to you.

Be well and walk gently,