Sunday, February 14, 2010...LOVE HITS YOU WHEN YOU LEAST EXPECT IT....

My son and I just came back from what I can only describe as a "wild and beastly" trip to Ottawa, Ontario, to meet with a wonderful Cantor Daniel Benlolo, [this is not the beastly part!]who we will return to Ottawa often to meet with, in order for him to teach my son and help him to go from innocence to manhood! [we are talking Bar Mitzva here only]!!  All day today, the day of love, we have been so aware of how Taylor's and my soul's have been nourished by the continuing deepening of our family, of LOVE, of loyalty and protection. 

On the trainride to Ottawa, we met what Taylor calls "a true man of God."  It is really something to see your 12 year old "taken" by a person to the degree Taylor was by Larry. 

Larry talked to Taylor about Bar Mitzva, its meaning and the sacredness of Taylor learning what his soul's purpose is in this lifetime.  He told Taylor that the reading (parsha) that Taylor will recite at his Bar Mitzva,when he is 13, will inform who Taylor is,right into the chambers of his heart.  Taylor could not look away as this man spoke to him.  He even gave Taylor a book with some readings on "laying the seeds of spirituality."

For Taylor, he said meeting Larry was the sole reason he went to Ottawa, because this time we didn't actually end up meeting our Cantor/Teacher/Mentor, but are planning for the near future...  And for that Taylor considers the trip a success! That Larry prepared him for what he would unknowingly face in Ottawa - a very beastly situation, [nothing to do with our Cantor] that neither of us could have predicted. Taylor's challenge, [almost true to Larry's word and the readings he gave Taylor] included protecting both himself and his family. Now, I know he is 5'6" and has size 13 shoes, but what I saw and heard, I could not have predicted in my wildest dreams.  Taylor made some wise choices 'for himself' and voiced his own meaning of love, family, protection and loyalty. He rejected other people's attempts to convince him they were his family unit. He is a strong boy...he is slowly flying out of the nest, but taking us with him! My 12 year old boy rose to the occassions he was called to.  He has entered the Jewish tradition initiation from boy to mensch [man in Hebrew!!] I am a very proud Mommy. 

So today, we celebrate, we savour LOVE, and are thankful for the blessings and generous hearts of Taylor's Cantor Benlolo, who he will study with for the next year, for Larry and for the members of our Family, who were waiting for us when we returned home, with laughter, open arms, lots of stories and lots of fatigue!  Home can feel very bless-ed!  Even my daughter whose plane has now landed in the Dominican was close by to give mommy and baby brother some lovin.' And older bro's heart is just a beat and a text away in any millisecond! 

For a first visit to Bar Mitva Land, thanks to Larry...I'd say my baby grew up!   And for that...I think this is a pretty great spankin' wonderful Valentine's Day!!!  Oh...all of this greatness is just second to his REAL love, which is his prep for the NBA [as you already know!]  

Below is my Valentine's Day card for Taylor, if you can believe it!!! oh you like the new LOVIN' wallpaper?  Taylor and I wanted to earmark this milestone in his tender but oh so determined 12 years of life!  Happy Lovin' to you! Betcha got a more romantic card than a basketball!!! hearts and hugs From Taylor and I. xox

These pics are Taylor eagerly anticipating his very first train-ride.  My youngest is true country-boy!

Here is Taylor and [oops I forgot his name but Taylor won't!] and Taylor and Mommy playing hide and go seek from the camera!  Taylor is growing his hair to his waist in order to donate it to people with Cancer or other conditions and needs for human hair.  He feels very strongly about his project to do this for others.

and.....ta da!

Hmmm.  I don't quite know why these stick-on's didn't include a head!!! Sorry Taylor!!!!


Paper: Stampin' Up! Naturals, Old Olive, Chocolate Chip, Dusty Durango Designer Pad
Ink: Stampin' Up! Soft Suede, Dusty Durango. Crushed Curry, Chocolate Chip, Whisper White Craft Ink, Real Red Marker
Stamps: Stampin' Up! Cute Cues and Cute Converse
Accessories:  EK Punch, Stampin' Up! Sizzix Dies


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  1. Wonderful post, Samara! I enjoyed reading it! And the card is wonderful, too!


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