...SEEMS TO BE A NEW THING that I am reading about and hearing on the news.  Does anyone know of someone who really did this?  I can not imagine sitting at a table and eating and celebrating pretending that I know the happy couple!  Can you?

I saw the movie years ago, and thought it was pretty funny...but didn't think it was now a trend!  Oy Gavoy.  The closest (and this was in my vewy vewy sneaky days) I ever got to such a thing was when my "to be husband" and I (aka know now as my cubs father) were in Florida for 6 weeks on vacation.  Well, he had this amazing knack of taking $400.00 and having a $3,000.00 trip!

We stayed at this nice but very modest house we rented (I think for 500.00 for the 6 weeks!!) and ate every single dinner for FREE.  Yes siree Bob....for free!  In those days, this man (and I am afraid to ask my kids if he still does this now that immense success found its way to him) lived far below his means, which were pittens anyway.  But we....HA!  We lived like royalty!  We hit every single Happy Hour in Florida and had the most amazing meals I could have imagined.

But then, and hold your hats, because this Chaplain was very naughty...we spent all day at The Fountain Bleu Hotel!!! Yes, the one Christine Argelara (sp) (I am sure to have spelled that wrong but I only sound these things out) sang on New Years...oh, I think Beyonce might have been there too.  We just walked into the swim area, sat on a lounger and spent the day.  Not a peep from anyone that there was a problem!

We did not lie, we did not cheat and we did not steal (well, kinda, maybe, sorta!....cuz I know G-d is reading this too!!!)

But, I hear these days....they are on to folk like we were, back in the day, 26 years ago!  All this was to introduce a wedding card!  Oy Vay.  You can tell where my head's at!  Really though, all kidding aside, my card is an entry for a sketch challenge at Splitcoast -  SC263!  SQUISHY HUGS.

Please double click for more detail.


Paper:  Cottage Wall (Stampin' Up!)
Ink: Old Olive, Purely Pomegranate (Stampin' Up!)
Accessories: Die Cut (Stash), Pearls (Stash) Punch (Stash)
This card is for Challenge SC263 at SCS.

Should you want further information regarding supplies, please EMAIL me.


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