WHAT A MILESTONE!!!  I am SO excited to play this challenge once again.  To be inspired to make a card is one thing...but to do it from a MOVIE is exceptional!   Congrats and Happies and Merries and Good Wishes and Bonani Versaire (oopsi daisy...i only "hear" french...i don't spell it...sorry!) and all the rest of the wonderful great things one can say on the week of Audrey's Birthday.

Sankari and Brooke...Her Majesty[s] of the Challenge, Thank you for your dedication and Good Will each week.  Your cards are consistently gorgeous.  How great that you are offering jump off starts this year for people who want a "beginning" point from which to create their card.

You Gals think of Everything!!  So Here we Go.

Initially, I created a "Tiger" for this movie [thinking it was a Lion!]  *Duh*  As I said to Sankari, EVERYTHING TO ME IS A LION that is jungli and ROARI.  This Leo {me} leans to the "big" cat creatures and their majesty, leadership, strength, confidence, wisdom, skills of observation...but mostly their ability to NURTURE, PROTECT, LOVE and SURVIVE under the most stringent of circumstances...putting their CUBS first and foremost AND THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT IS SO GREAT ABOUT THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA!  You will see it all!  Yup, a true Leo movie [whether you lov the leo's in your life or.....em....not!].

I totally encourage you to rent (Chronicles of Narnia or the Book Series) this movie [or tap into it on your 'puter] if you want a magical and mystical story about a child's imagination, persistence and perseverance.  A connection between dual realities.  And mostly, the power between the animal world and the human world....and what an unrivalling force "the willingness TO BELIEVE can be."  SQUISHY HUGS.


Paper:  Dusty Durango (Stampin'Up!) Always Artichoke (Stampin'Up!)  Naturals (Stampin' Up!)
Ink: Basic Black Classic Ink (Stampin' Up!)
Stamps:  Stash
All Accessories are Stash

You are invited to email me for additional details.



  1. SOO beautiful Samara!! First of all, how can you NOT love a Leo??? They are amazing! I am blessed by such strong and amazing Leo friends!! And Samara your card is simply perfect and amazing!! I LOVE the way you have done it -s o many layers and the way you did the hero scroll and the acetate is just brilliant!!! SEriously gorgeous!!! Sooooo happy that you played along again! You are too sweet and I am so happy that you liked the little inspiration corner! Thank you so much for your sweet words dearest Samara!!!
    Sending you a zillion hugs!!
    Sankari :)

  2. Samara, your card is just beautiful! I love the colors the layers..EVERYTHING is elegant and perfect! So happy I popped by to find a treasure like this one!!:)

  3. This is awesome! And whether it's a tiger or a lion - it's still a big cat with all those amazing qualities you listed! Our first born is a Leo, and so is my father. They are both amazing people with distinct characteristics just as you listed. THANKS for inspiring us a second time with Narnia!

  4. Samara,
    You are so cute... Actually it wasn't the Tiger that through me off, It was being routed to Splitcoast and not your blog. lol You nailed it once again... Your Lion card is just amazing.... I LOVE that you choose Asland as your inspiration... He is defiantly the theme of this movie... His selfless act of sacrifice is such a reminder to us all.

    I love the Really Rust it's so regal.... then topped of with gold... Perfect... What an amazing quote as well... The scroll is a clever addition I love how you have it swivel back and forth..

    You Rock once again!

  5. This is wonderful. So much said and such great visuals.

  6. Wow, love your card! It's amazing!


My wish for you is a great day full of laughter! Samara x