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It is so wonderful to be able to catalogue my cards; I feel like my mojo is sneaking back!  Using my new stamps from both Stampin' Up! and Papertrey, I've created many cards and wall hangings in the last few days.  Today I'm featuring the first one.  This was SO much fun!  Finding all the elements that matched together...and don't you just love the itsy bitsy new love stamp from Stampin' Up!

I'm quite a stamp hound, so the pink background stamps are from close to 15 years ago - never been used!  I thought they'd look just peachy [or pinky] behind the poppy red ink from Papertrey. And the paper...in love again!  This is the new Valentine's pack from Stampin' Up!

Well, love away!  I hope you enjoy my wall hanging.  I made it for a close friend.  She is very special, works extremely hard coaching skating, being a pharmacy tech, a great mom, wife.
I'm going with her Sunday from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. out of town, to watch 25 of her students in a skating competition!

Yay!  Road Trip!!

Please double click for close ups.

I love my hardware hearts from Michael's and these background stamps...couldn't be better than that for what I had in mind! {gosh I sound self absorbed in this post!!!} 

Don't you love this sparkly ribbon above?  It is from Walmart.  Also, the button {thread} is the designer paper cut into skinny minny pieces!
I LOVE the font in the sentiment here.  It is a big secret over at Papertrey.  However, I did call Stampin' Up! because they have the same or very similar in their new stamp set. They were SO honest about what it was.  THIS IS IMPRESSIVE and what I love about this company!  They told me it is handwriting!!!  So the mystery and the secret code has been cracked....ah ha!!!  Thank You SU!!

{bragging rights} I thought the use of the hardward frames, front and back, at the top of the hanging {heart you} was quite brilliant!! Oh, this designer paper is so dreamy.  I love all the glitz that came embedded on it!  Saves me going through even more glitter than I usually do!  And this ribbon....yum yum on all accounts!  Can you believe the match with that SU button?  Love all the different textures.  This was a kinesthetic festival!! when I was creating it.
Even Law & Order took second place!

And that heart stamp from Stampin' Up!  I LOVE it!  What a fantastic thing...to carry all their flourishes right into the heart!  It matches so many of the elements they have produced.  I am beginning to really see how so many supplies co-ordinate and compliment...[even though many  of mine are from contraband  *wink wink* companies.] 
But, be it as it may, this artist at work, it is the end product...ART IS TRUE LOVE IN ACTION...that guides my process.

I have to give Stampin' Up! a huge shout out for the Valentine's products.
They are stellar!

Have a great lovin' evening! {or morning, afternoon} depending on your location!!


  1. Thank you Ann for all your kindness and support with my art!

  2. I love this wall hanging! There are just so many details going on! Super job!


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