People can always be seen for the circumstances they "GROW."  The apple doesn't fall far from the tree - and neither does the bad banana [ unless the banana has had lots of therapy!!]  A very funny book, actually a really good book about being HAPPY, from which I took today's meditation, is: LIFE LESSON #5... how to be HAPPY dammit - a cynic's guide to spiritual happiness, written by karen salmansohn.

By now, most of us know how to avoid bad banana people, even though that can sometimes be a chore.
Sometimes, without even knowing it, we are a strawberry, sitting innocently in our fruit bowl and suddenly we become like a box of moldy moldy berry gets the next one moldy gets the next one moldy.  What is the saying...."MISERY LOVES COMPANY"? 

Well, it is important to reconsider asking these banana people in our lives for advice, how we are doing, whether they like something we have created or if we should take a certain job or not.  They are not likely the one's who have our better interest at heart. Pop psychology has lead us to believe we need to 'struggle' to grow, need to 'hurt' to get ahead.  Not so!!  It is just as easy to grow with a smile on our face, with laughter in our belly, with "fresh fruit" on our table! 

There are many people out there who are smiling!!!  People who are happy as can be, see the joy in most things, have a kind word, an open heart and willing to give you the time of day and lots of love - free of judgement and condemnation.  They are the people who will hear what you have to say - and not respond and "make it about them."  They are the one's who you will leave the conversation "and feel happy, fulfilled, and have a general sense of well-being."

These are your fresh fruit people!!!

So when you are in the grocery store of people, take a good look for the fresh strawberry people, the shiny apple people, the beautiful pinapple people.  They are the people who will bring balance to your life.  They are the people who will help you through the day with a smile on your face and help you meet the hardships life tosses us.  And when your fruit bowl starts to go moldy, don't fret, just pick up the phone and call one of your fresh fruit people.  Ask them for some advice on what to do.

They are the one's who will help you discover the best fruit bowl for you!! SQUISHY HUGS.

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Paper:  Kraft (Stampin' Up!)
Ink: Versamark
Stamps:  Stash
Accessories:  Rub On's (Stash), Die Cut (Stash)

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