MY 24/7 CRIB!!!

Well, I thought it was time to show some pics of where I do what I do!  They likely speak for themselves. I'll be brief. To create, I need to have everything within hands reach (or stretched reach.)  I also need to be able to see what I have - you know, out of site out of mind.  I'm fortunate that what comes into my house goes straight onto a shelf, not under the bed, in the back of a cupboard, between the mattresses, and brought out one item at a time, so as to not give my respect 'other-half' irreversible shock!  My puppies seem to take my over indulgence in art supplies with a graceful attitude as long as they also get a treat...bless their hearts.  SQUISHY HUGS.

Never Enough!!!


  1. Ah lovely, thanks for the view of the crib. Your world at your finger tips.... just the way you like it. Your hard work and diligence have certainly paid off. You have created an art studio so pristine that only a creative genius could create. Samara You rock! xo

  2. Thanks for sharing your space Samara. It looks like a perfect place to create. Your cards are incredible. You spend a great deal of time on each one, it really shows. They are beautiful! Keep on being you and sharing your creativity. The world is a more colourful place with you in it. hugs Marie


My wish for you is a great day full of laughter! Samara x