...ESPECIALLY FOR A 12 YEAR OLD. Yesterday, I attended a funeral for my friend's father who had died of a heart attack. My friend was there when his father had the heart attack, and it was very hard for him going through the funeral. This card is one I made in honour of my friend and all the people who lose parents at a very young age.
- Written by and card made by, Taylor, 12 years old, Samara's son.

Outside of card above
Inside of card below writing

I cut out the flower blackout on Cricut Wild Card and set the size to 3 1/2" (SU Real Red background)
Then I cut out another flower blackout at 3" (Flower Pattern paper from Michael's)
I cut the second flower blackout (3") were the square and the flower meet.
Inside the card, (see below) I offset the flowery square onto the square of the SU cutout (3 1/2")
On the outside of the card, I put a hand crocheted (Please forgive my spelling   Pronounced: kro-SHAYED) flower made by my Great-Aunt Betty (She gave my mom a couple hundred as a gift) and put a red brad in the middle (by BG)
Back to the inside, (see below) I traced the flower on the front onto the inside with a SU Black Journal Pen. I then wrote: Smile when you want to, cry when you need to. Which is how I felt when I was comforting my friend. I advice tracing and writing in pencil first so that you don't make any mistakes.


  1. aw, I'm sorry for your friend. You wrote a beautiful thought in a well made card, your mom has every reason to be proud of you. Well done, and you are a very special young man to be able to comfort your friend in need. Even us grown ups sometimes have trouble getting that right.

  2. What a remarkable, caring and thoughtful young man you are, No wonder your mom is so proud of you!

  3. What a wonderful card and message. Your son is very special and so are you! You are so right to be proud to share this!

  4. What a thoughtful and inspiring card! Thank you, so much, for sharing it with all of us!

  5. Hi this is Taylor, thank you all so much! This is only one of my first cards! This is the first one I put on mom's blog anyways. Again thank you all so much, it means so much!

  6. What a great card. You are very thoughtful... and it's so nice that you express yourself. Sorry about your friend's father!

  7. This was a kind and caring thing that you did, Taylor. I love what you wrote on the inside of your card. Your friend is lucky to have a friend like you.

  8. What a touching sentiment and a beautiful card for your friend. That's so kind of you to think of him during such a difficult time. He is lucky to have a friend like you.

  9. Dear Taylor - you have created such a beautiful card for your friend - I love what you wrote inside the card - it is so beautiful and so from the heart. What a wonderful and kind and sweet gesture. I am sure that you really made your friend feel loved during this difficult time - he is lucky to have a friend like you! Sending you and your mom all our best wishes!
    Big hugs :)
    Sankari :)

  10. Great job with the card Taylor, I am very impressed with your compassion, it is a great thing to possess especially at such a young age!

  11. How brilliant of you to find such a creative way to express your love and compassion for the passing of your friend’s father. It certainly takes a special bond of friendship to be able to comfort someone who is grieving, especially grieving the loss of a parent at such a tender age.
    The colors your chose reflect the exemplary aspects of your character and so fitting for the occasion. The red is strong and powerful, the pink is tender and compassionate and the white lace is soft and angelic.
    Your card is very personal and very universal at the same time. It feels like a personal prayer for your friend and to all young people that have lost a parent. It also feels like a prayer for adult children that have lost a parent like the loss of my father in April.
    Sometimes we ache when someone we care about is aching. I am sending this prayer back to you.... to smile when you need to and cry when you need to. Leah xo

  12. Hi Taylor: I am so proud of your first card on your Mom's blog, and very proud of how you used your always thoughtful and sensitive nature in creating it. It is so very difficult to lose someone you love, whether it is a parent, friend or beloved pet. The emptiness and sadness is overwhelming. You handled the situation perfectly, giving your friend 'permission' to cry, even though 'boys don't cry'. Of course they do and it is a sign of strength, not weakness when they do. It shows that they care.
    I am sure that your wonderful card brought more comfort to your friend than you realize - it let him know that others acknowledged his grief.
    I eagerly look forward to more of your cards. Lots of love, Nana
    PS. Aunt Betty was pleased that you used one of her flowers on your card.


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