There is no card I could make today that says it better than this video.  I would like to thank my friend, Leah, for sending this to me.  It is truly an example of how each one of us, on this planet, is a beacon of transformation and a message of peace.  It is NOT special people, chosen people, MORE spiritual is each and every one of us! I try each day in my cards to convey a tiny bit of this message - of love.  I know my blog is not the typical "card blog" if there is such a thing.  I guess in some way I've made my blog an extension of my spiritual Chaplaincy work, which is the primary focus of my life's direction.  Perhaps I am better to call myself a Multi-Faith Artist rather than a Bohemian Artist!!!  While my site is not for everyone, I do hope it does touch someone in some small way, each day.  If that is true, I have done my part with my art. SQUISHY HUGS.

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