I DON'T GET IT?  PPA (pet peeve alert) coming up.  What is with the Santa Clause Parade being held in November...and at that, often around the 15th of November?  Does Santa really come to town 1 1/2 months early?  Do his elves really have all the gifts made and wrapped up?  Is the workshop honestly all tidied up and ready for the next year? 

If so, this is a complete disappointment, a travesty, a loss of innocense to my otherwise hopeful and wishful beliefs about Santa, the Reindeer and the workings of the North Pole.  Tell me then, what does Santa's posse do for the next 1 1/2 months?  Surely not snack on milk and cookies, or else Santa would never fit down the chimney and *wink wink* we all know he already needs a membership package to Gold's Gym for his special Christmas gift! 

This extremely profound arrival of Santa in November is a question I have pondered for the last 5 years...but this year...I am peeved!  Look out Peter Finch, my windows are Open!!!

Would it be so hard to have Santa roll in closer to Christmas...say, in December? 

My one person's opinion is that Santa in November has absolutely NOTHING to do with little children's (and adult's I might happily add) love and enjoyment of him, (close to the capital H him), the magical nature of the parade, the family outing that is promised each year...but rather is our Corporate World denigrating one of the few joys we have left to celebrate our understanding of what it means to be truly innocent! Bah Humbug to that!  Petooie to Corporate Hoohah!  We need Santa!!! 

Today's post is dedicated to putting the HO HO HO back into the Santa Claus Parade by having it in December rather than just off the tail of Summer!!! SQUISHY HUGS, SANTA.

Stamp: Santa (Inque), Words (The Stamp Barn - Heather's Stamping Haven), Background (Stampin Up)
Paper: Cotton Crest Solar White (Neenah)
Ink: Pink Passion (SU), Ocean (CTMH)
Pens: Co-ordinate to ink above
Sparkles: Chameleon Glitter - Warm
Ribbon: Michael's
Hardware: SU

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