OF CHANUKKAH are almost upon us!  The holiday season is both joyous and chaotic...just enter Wallmart.  I was greeted by the happiest little elves, cute as can be, but then bashed into about 10 different people as I attempted to get down (or was it up) an aisle.  The rush has begun.  I was determined to not get into a downer and headed straight to my destination...the holiday season decoration aisle.  If one is decorating for other than Christmas, it takes a fair amount of creativity - especially when in Wallmart.  I headed toward all that was blue and white (the typical Chanukkah colors.)  Although, when I see what is being done to Christmas cards, perhaps next year I could head to the pink and purple section  Yummy!!!

I found the most gorgeous color of bulbs, in garland, in all kinds of decorations.  Thanks G-d!  You are helping little Samara bring in the Magic of the Festival of Lights for her family.  WaHoo!!!  Now - the ultimate December dilemma...what to hang them on.  Light fixtures?  Picture Hooks?  Wall Units?  How about bringing out the hangers from the closet and fashioning them into...ummm.  NOPE!  I am getting a Chanukkah Bush!  Yup.  If it was good enough for O.C. it's good enough for us!!  But it can't be green.  Oh great.  Snagged again.  Oy Gavoy!!!

I turned around to leave and low and behold...a white, 6' high, white irredescent (sp) sparkly tree that will go with my teal decorations perfectly and still be in the Chanukkah Blue and White Theme!  Yeah!!!  My 11 year old is going to go bollistic, let alone my 24 and 21 year old!!!!  They haven't seen this behavior from me before.  They've seen a Christmas Tree, they've seen no tree, they've seen a collection of snomen, santa's, but not "the Chanukkah Bush!"  So here we have it...our 8 days will be magical.  My children will gamble with their dreidels, we will eat latkes, chocolate money, light the Menorah each night and.....the prezzies will be under The Chanukkah Bush.  Today's post is dedicated to each and every person finding just what works for them this Holiday Season...including a day of going to the movies and eating popcorn!  SQUISHY HUGS.   oh, postscript:  my 11 year old Taylor said it is not right to call the tree a Chanukkah Bush.  He said it is called a Chanukkah Shrub.  So here we have it folks...This is the first year - 2009 - for the Navi/Lacasse/Mandel Chanukka Shrub.  (photo below!) son Taylor and his first Chanukkah Shrub, which I might add he decorated ALL by himself!

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