In theological college we used to be drilled by opening up our text, pointing to a passage, and interpretting it to the best of our knowledge.  Today, I decided it's time to start doing that with my dictionary - a more intentional way of broadening my 10-word language base...oh 11...I still use the word "gross!" So I closed my eyes, held the dictionary in between my praying hands (praying for a word that I could remember for the day!) and said to myself  "4th word down on the left side, left column."  When doing it with the Bible (at school) it was reduced to :'s!!! of chapters, verses, words, noises, peeps in order to learn what we were supposed to learn, so today's exercise really wasn't ALL that scary!  The word I got was deliberate. Def'n: 1. done on purpose. 2 careful and not hurried.  I'm thinking I'll continue this exercise with my art (beyond today's 'deliberate' card) and see what figures.  Hey, give it a never know what might unfold in your day, your art, your relationships.  Today's post is dedicated to finding a new game to broaden one's mind, body, spirit and soul.  I'm off to be deliberate, again!! SQUISHY HUGS.

Please double click photo to enlarge

Paper: Brighton Yellow Pages, Natural White, Green Galore (SU)
Stamp: Sassy Studio Design (Girl), Unity (words and books/lamp/pagoda), Gina K (Teapots)
Accessories: Ink Black (Brilliance), Copics, Gems (Basic Grey), Grey/Bronze Leafing Pen,  Ring (Scenic Route)

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  1. What a cute card! I love the cute image and the words going around... I love my latte... well, hese days I am more of a tea girl. :o) Thanks for your sweet words on my blog. :o)


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