I'M BACK......!

I am back from Blog-cation, better known as my month of "Stay-Cation."  Much has happened in this last month.  The happiest news is the beginning of production of my son Jordan and his Fiance Laura's Wedding Invitations.  I volunteered (or did they ask) - I can't remember, but nevertheless - the cutting is complete, ribbon is all measured and cut, printing is in process (wish me luck!) and now all that is needed is assembly!

In the meantime, I have come back to Sentimental Sundays, as Calypso - the owner - has become like a sister to me, and the team like a family.  Being on their design team is an effortless bonus in my day and I am SO glad to be back with them.  So to start up, I am going to show you what Calypso posted for the last two weeks, then for my next post, talk about some really exciting new art forms that I am involved in.

The "stay-cation" brought to me 2 new types of art I have never been exposed to before.  They are exciting, difficult but really demand the whole body, mind and soul to accomplish them.  I look forward to sharing about it, next post.  All the best!  And I do recommend a month's "stay-cation" to all bloggers; perhaps not for the reasons I went on mine, but the end result is a perspective on many things one would never expect to come out with.  It's all good!




Finding the Zen with a Pen
Samara Navi


  1. Wheee Samara! Big hug back at ya!

    Sandy S
    SS DT

  2. First of all - so great you are back, sweetie. So happy to have you in our team again. Missed you so much.
    The second...your cards are simply stunning. Both look so fantastic.
    Have a wonderful day
    Big hugs
    Doreen xx


My wish for you is a great day full of laughter! Samara x