I was going through my art books and found numerous pieces of art I have done in the past.  A wonderful womyn I am in contact with, and is a new-found friend ( Sharon at      - you MUST look her up, inspired me to go and look for the "bohemian Samara."  Each time someone looks at my blog I tell them "look way back to see my real style - crazy Bohemian me!"

So I decided to share two things with you, on an on-going but sporatic basis.  One is some art I did in 2004 and another is art from two different courses I am taking right now.  The first is from Balzer, and I highly recommend this in terms of learning all types of new uses of media forms.  The other course is given by Joanne Sharpe, another Multi-Media artist. 

So I am getting down and dirty...and I love it!  Control is out the must be with Multi-media or else you are pent up and will be very frustrated.  In the Balzer class, I have discovered that I am a complete wipe out at writing with acrylic paint and a paint brush...a total looser!  But that is OK because I really love the use of the watercolor techniques and the pastel techniques; something I used as a kid and at University in my art courses.  Watercolors are so forgiving and magical.  I love how they just blend and flow...kind of how I live my day to day life...Monastic.

So today, I am going to show you my first piece from the Balzer Class.  Please go over to her site - it is funky fun and joyfully rich - even if you don't take her classes.  She is a yahoo all the way!

This was Balzer's intro to Watercolors.
What better way to start my Boheme Multi-Media Book than reminding myself how important it is to JUST BE ME!
After all - "I ain't that bad!"
I think **wink wink**

I was amazed at the texture that could be created with her instructions
and the freedom that came over me
to just lay it on with no worries
and trust that "it would be ok, as she said"
put all concern to the wind!
I needed that type of advice at this did she know!
She must be a "side-kick" as my oldest used to call me when he was little! (psychic)
and say I had an unfair advantage over him! LOL

Because I am now also studying the ART OF ZENTANGLE ( the originators of zentangle) and well worth visiting their blog to see how they came to discover this art and what they offer in terms of order material to create your own zentange as well as sharing SO MUCH of their own discoveries for free online) from (I love Linda and the way she teaches through her site - she does follow Maria and Rick as originators and honors them but she offers direction on how to do each of the tangles (hers and others AS WELL AS Rick and Marias from beginning to end. She encourages, as do Rick and Marie, to send in YOUR tangles.  They are both SO supportive.  I say 5 minutes is better than nothing...2 sites is better than 1.  Bless both of the sites for helping me/us!)  I enjoyed jazzing up my letters a bit, though this is not a tangle, I had little fear of going over my letters with a little jazz a ma tazz because of working with Rick and Maria's ART OF ZENTANGLE!
besides, what can teal ruin!
in my color heart

So that is it for today folks!

I look forward to sharing so much more.  I hope you are up for it.  I have a pantload (ew what a horrid saying when you reflect on it) of this type of art to share with you in between my designing for companies that I joyfully design for!  My family at SENTIMENTAL SUNDAYS is just family!

Going to try to find some MULTI-MEDIA Challenges.
This will be new!!!

Finding the Zen in the Pen


  1. Beautiful work! So glad you're enjoying class!

  2. Absolutely fabulous, Samara! You are so incredibly talented!

  3. just dropping by with a hi and hope you are well! Have a great week! ;) Amy


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