HOLIDAY JOURNAL is on its way...

ok folks, i broke down and am thinking holidays!  As soon as I said "EEK it's too soon" I began wondering... "hmmm, what will I do for the holidays, who will I send cards to, do I have the stamps that I need for this year?   Isn't life just like that, don't think of pink elephants!  The solution? Crack out last year's creation, The Holiday Journal and begin again.  Time to update the journal to 2009 and get crackin' as the saying goes. I can almost see sugar plums and fairies and menorah's and dreidels! The post is long...I hope you will find The Holiday Journal helpful.  I'd be lost without it!

Note:  For those peeps who do not celebrate Christmas, and we are a multi-faith family, I sincerely wish I could create a journal for each and every celebration around the globe! If you have your own creation of another faith tradition's journal, please post a link to my blog and share it with us...xox

Yummy stash collected over many, many years.


  1. Ah yes, nice to see that you have shared this fantastic project with others....... missed seeing a new card from you today ....

  2. This is complete GENIUS Samara. I love love love it!!!! WOW what a great gift to everyone online who can use this. I hope I can eek out some time to make one. Yours is so lovely!


My wish for you is a great day full of laughter! Samara x