And this is how I was woken up every day of my childhood.  The blind was snapped up, or the draped pulled and my mom, admittedly not a great singer, would sing "Good Morning To You..."

It was painful, sun shining in, sleepy eyes, body all snuggled into a 6" duvet.

Who in their right mind could wake up "cheery" - as was my mother's plan - to...THIS! 

The Military Training must have caught hold.  As soon as my peepers open, I am "boing" up and out of bed, with a smile on my face at World Record Speed that would put Usain Bolt to shame! And how can I do other than "snap those window blinds up" and sing this Morning Ritual that I loathed.  However, each generation has to do their own little spin on things.  Mine is sung in (wait for it)


And, by the way, ask my children, and housemates and next door neighbour.  They will very proudly not tell you,  America's Got Talent, and The Voice have nothing on me!!!

I only now wait to see what version my own children will sing.  I dearly fear Rap, or Electronica or Gawd Forbid and Lord Help my Grandbabies...Heavy Metal!

Dr. Ideas from The School of Imagination 



- and finally -
bringing it all together


So remember, tomorrow morning, when you are feeling all lazy and sleepy and just turning over and going back to sleep,  I am there, with my OPERETO voice, singing just for "you",,,

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  1. WoEza !! That is AWESOME ! :-D I loved peering in to see all the different elements. I can't imagine being woken up like that LoL I am usually a cheery morning person and I used to bring my daughter in a cup of tea and be singing too. She would always give me a 'look' and simply say 'Mother !!'. Hahaha
    Thank you for using some of my schtuff in there and it's great to see you get inspiration from the crazy world of Sall hee hee :-) I love her ideas and how her mind works :-)

    IKE x

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My wish for you is a great day full of laughter! Samara x