I love the images that are monochomatic (I first typed monotone - I guess it is the same thing, so to speak.)  They give such a range of motion for the art piece.

For this one I decided to go "Samara Crazy" and just see where it would take me - which meant Mixed Media.

Starting with the Sentiment seemed easy enough.  I meditated on that for a bit and decided my favourite place to Nature.  So a nature scene it was.

Get out the trees (of course newsprint) the natural pastel colors, and the vellum.  Go with raw string rather than the gussied up stuff and don't shmancy fancy up the images.  Just play - use watercolor, pastel, crayon, prisma, cutting, pasting, pencil and let it evolve.

This was definitely influenced by a friend asking me yesterday what I thought about moving onto a desert island with them - getting away from all the influences of modern day.  I actually was quite intrigued, I fear to say, by the idea.  So the two people represent my friend and I, the 3 circles my cubs standing away and just allowing my process and all the "thems" up in the trees who may think it is the craziest (oh, not may - will) ever.  I figured we'd have string, trees, mountains, feathers, bushes, flowers and lots of time to just lay there and ponder, chill and visit - alone and together.

So my Chill project is also a preoject about romance...chilling with that romantic notion of moving on a desert island - away from it all!

Now is your turn.

How do you chill?  I'd love to see.  If you go over to ONE STITCH AT A TIME you can show us. We all consider Chilling in different ways - some clean, some beach, some eat....let's see what you do! 

Looking ahead to visiting your blogs.

Remember that 5 pack images from Stitchy Bear Digital Outlet for the Winner!!!!



  1. How super cool. I love the black against all your gorgeous colour too. You are so good at MM Samara :-D

    IKE xxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Wow Samara this is such a stunning dreamy creation. Just adore all the floating faeries.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}


My wish for you is a great day full of laughter! Samara x