For this challenge I was able to combine my two loves - digital work and mixed media.  When my mojo leans this way - I am a happy dancing person!  Just say the word "LOVE" and it seems to be a trigger to get out the paints, the glaze, the gold leaf, and all the markers, chalks and grout!

3 Layers or more therefore was easy shmeasy for this digi and the medium I chose.  What will you do for this challenge at Left of Centre?  I hope you will pick something unusual to do - take on a challenge and push your limits.  Every so often it is a good thing to hear that umph within...for me, it is Rosh Hashana - so umph is all around me.  We are all hoping to be written into the Book of Life for the Year to come and have another joyful year ahead.  In the meantime, our celebration is full of layers and mixtures and mediums...just what holidays are all about!

I hope to see you and your creation over at LOC!  Or if your mojo isn't jo-ing at this time, pick the ol' Anything Goes and enter anyway.

See you there honeys!


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My wish for you is a great day full of laughter! Samara x