I think so!

While knowing diets are a complete "no no" I am so sure I feel lousy when I am NOT in my right body size.  And I am 20 pounds over my right body size.  I feel sluggish, I feel grumpy, I feel fed up with tight jeans but mostly I am starting to feel unhealthy - mentally, physically and spiritually.  It is affecting my self esteem, my sense of my will (power), my sense of self (control) and my overall sense of well being.

So today's art is given to this feeling.  And out of it came a crucial "term" for me:  GLUTTONY!  There was no doubt it was going to be Biblical, because of my bent as a Rev. and as a believer - so I looked up the word in Wikipedia   WOW.  Do I recommend this to everyone who is interested in what I am saying or feels the way I was feeling.  GLUTTONY is so much more than about eating - it is a term that speaks to just what I was feeling - physical, mental and spiritual well-being (or not.)  It is about being ONE in this world (my D.Min.) in Metaphysics and how we can or can (not) contribute to that through our relationship with and to GLUTTONY.  So - though my art is about Diet Sabotage, I found my way to something way more crucial in my everyday living.  Thanks for listening.  

Loves Ya'all from Canada!
Happy Mother's Day Sweet Friends
and for those of you who don't have your own Kids,
You are the Mother's of the Earth...
Happy Mother's Day to YOU!!!!

 This is where I began...pointing the finger at my "sabateur."  And where I ended up was the Physical, Mental, Intellectual and Spiritual Definition of GLUTTONY.  Phew, what a lesson on World Gluttony as a Object Lesson for living in a state of Well-being with myself and with others.

I thought it was time to say "hi" from this 2013 Mother's Day Mom, given it is nice to know who it is that writes a blog.  So "HI Ya"all!"  This me that is loving you each week from afar (Ontario, Canada!) - Land of the eh? and the not as plentiful art crafts supplies as my beloved American and European Friends!

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  1. Hi Samara,
    You have a beautiful name. I can see how being a healthy size can be a great comfort. I'm your neighbor at Lisa-Jo's Five Minute Friday.

  2. Cute gluttony post, love that....Happy Mother's Day to you.

  3. I'm still laughing at the shock when I saw the Ottawa ON CA. Personally I'm thinking subliminal messages in the food commercial's.
    Thank you for taking time out your day to post this beautiful project with us at Word Art Wednesday,
    Carole Robb Bisson

  4. Hi Samara,
    A very Nice picture of you.
    I was also surprised to see we are neighbours : )

    About your Gluttony post, immediately I thought what had happened earlier today while we were shopping. I bought two bags of candy , the family vote was unanimous, I'm the culprit to our nasty eating habits; threw the candy in the trash outside Indigo ; ) It's a start : )

    Happy Mothers day to you too O,O Annabelle

  5. Hi Samara
    Happy Mother's Day to you. Love your expression of your latest demon you are fighting with... don't we all (LOL). Let's hope the weight drops off you and you can feel better soon.
    Nice pic of you by the way.
    Michaela xx

  6. Great photo and artwork Samara! Happy Moms day to you from the west eh!! Have a good kids already started celebrating me!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. Wonderful work. thanks for sharing your creative process. HPPF and Happy Mothers day:)

  8. Boy, that diet sabateur sure is scary looking!
    Lovely to learn a bit about you, too.

    Happy PPF (& mother's day!)

  9. I had to look up gluttony because I didn't know its meaning..... ☺ Hope you're having a wonderful Mother's day too! Great photo btw ...

  10. smashing stamped/collaged page. Methinks you have definitely got your message across.
    Happy PPF, Annette x

  11. Love your card.

    Thank you for joining us at Stamp 'n' Doodle Challenge this week, and te best of luck.

    Anne-Marie x x

  12. Will have to look up Gluttony myself now. Wonderful work great to see you joining in AJJ Dxx

  13. Nice work. Thanks so much for joining us at Stamp n doodle. Good luck.. :)

  14. Great project and i know all about the Diet Sabotage. Just got off the eliptical. LOL Thank you for sharing with TTCRD.

  15. Hello Samara,
    First congrats for such creative work.very cute post. Van Gogh Paintings for sale

  16. Cool! Thanks for participating in our PENNY'S PAPER-CRAFTY challenge!! Hope to see you again next week!

    A Little Bit O' Paper

  17. What a wonderful page. And how true your thoughts about diet sabotage and gluttony! Thanks for sharing both!

  18. Hello from Art Journal Journey ...
    A very interesting post and your pages are very colorful and expresssive
    waving "hello" to you from Virginia, USA ♥


My wish for you is a great day full of laughter! Samara x