This is a piece I did this week.

The piece speaks for itself.
I also did a fun duck! 
Both used what my little inner children have named 

the "Scribble till you Dribble" method!

What I am about to post gives Dina Wakley the credit for getting me here.  She is a master at what she does and without her, I would not have discovered what I have about where I can explore with my own art styles.

It is interesting, in my last post I was so sure I had found "my place, my calling, my style."
 I started with The Dina Wakley Style and then, as seems to happen when one "copies" another in any way whatsoever, it stopped working for me the next day!  

 G-D Speed

So I had to keep working and drawing and looking and seeing and feeling and exploring.

What I discovered.

I can not color the image (as Dina does) and see ANYTHING! (as in seeing forms in the clouds.

I can not keep my eyes open and let my hand wander, (as I was taught) I have to CLOSE my eyes and go right to my inner most being FIRST, then with my eyes CLOSED, start "Scribbling till I Dribble."

What I mean by the "Dribble" is listening intently to my little children inside.

They tell me "enough!"
We are done.

I don't paint my art (as Dina does and as I was taught, before I look.)  This made me a bit crazy and confused and I was going against my grain and working completely from my head.  I just seemed to SHIFT from my gizzards to my brain automatically when I started to paint my scribble....so I don't....


If I look at my scribble right away, I feel my impatience come up big time.
This impairs my art.
It brings up all kinds of things like:
Can't do it
I'm not really an artist
Why didn't I stay in Law School
I really should be officiating weddings and funerals

When I come back to my picture, I stand about ten feet away and put it on a solid background.
OH! (also a departure from Dina) I use a SU water soluble pastel rather than a   water soluble pencil.
I need heavy black marks.

I look and look away.
I come back and rotate the pic.
If my mind wanders, I shelve it (like in therapy or meditation.)
I come back again and rotate it.
I come back again and it is back where it started.

Then I come up close and look on the diagonals.
This is how I found this picture.
It jumped right out oat me.


I saw two beings fertile and one not.
I saw a goddess on the far right.
I saw twins in the being on the left, one being in the middle and a void on the right.

The Goddess was safety.

DUCK and baby duck FOR FUN!
This was a "snap" to see

I paint, I use tombows, I use mists, I use pastels, I use crayons.
I fingerpaint, I use household goodies, I use proper stencils, I use lace as stencils.
I hate what I create and cover it up and finger paint over it in white gesso or black gesso.
I buy the cheapest products available.
I boycott liquitex and all the expensive products.
I shop at Hardware stores for most of my products, mediums and the dollar store for my paints.

 I'm a really poor people mommy artist.
and I know there are LOTS of us out there.
Too many crafts (music lessons etc.) I find are CLASSIST and not using a sliding scale of ANY sort.
You can tell I am passionate about this!

because liquitex, neo, dylan, ranger, Caran D'Ache, Dewent, Kohl Noor etc. (though you will see and the rest of the typically names products are do damn expensive!
I do buy only some of these products but very infrequently.
My friend Roben-Marie has always given me great alternatives for expensive products and links to get them as well as her original products.

My new friend Tam, from Willowing, also recognizes that not all people can afford all the expensive workshops out there but would love to take them and as are entitled as everyone else who CAN afford them.  She accommodates this.  She is an AMAZING artist!!!

And I am sure there are many other artists who will accommodate, if we ask.  I only know my OWN experience of asking and not being met by many many workshops I would have loved to take (asking for payment plans only!)  GRRR.  Oh well, in my next life maybe.

on that very strong note

Finding Zen in the Pen


  1. I enjoyed reading your rant here! Good for you using whatever you can afford to use. I use kids crayola's and paints. I also have tiny sets of what I call "grown up paints." It's not so important to me what you use, more important is that you do. Long ago I stopped trying to be like anyone else and let how I do it be my style. Funnily enough others seem to like it and most important I do too!
    So be yourself and have fun! Just let it happen.

  2. You do great work on budget materials. Infertility is a strong painting and beautifully done. The ducks painting is nice too. I just like the contrasts in the first one. I sometimes use hardware store stuff too, like metal duct tape for crafting cards' backgrounds. I have made my own alcohol inks to mist using food colors. If I were selling my art, I'd probably go for quality products. I don't sell my stuff so anything goes. My painting is on foamboard. I doubt that it is stable or durable. I just wanted something to enter this week in PPF and painted on what I could find handy to paint on.

  3. Sometimes I use expensive stuff, lots of other times I use dollar store stuff. Whatever - most important is to create and these are lovely!

  4. I loved reading this! I was very much inspired by Dina and it opened me to using much more color in my work. I used mostly browns and dark colors and really began feeling comfortable after taking a workshop with her many years ago. I think it is so cool when we step out and try new things and discover what we like and find that path that we love. I love Dina's style and have tried so hard to stick with a few colors and lots of white space and I just can't do it. I have to have a dozen or more colors and little white space to think of and then I am happy. Funny how that works out. Anyway, I don't always comment but I enjoy reading your thoughts. Blessings to you for a wonderful weekend! RM :)


My wish for you is a great day full of laughter! Samara x