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I've given you a tangent of pictures below.  The first set is my "scribble till you dribble" style, the second a picture drawn by my daughter, which is "in progress," and the 3rd...some color and lighten up the mood!

I have 3 addictions that are killers for me, so hard to battle; I have battled them all my life and they are murderous on my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

They are Sugar (the Cocaine of the 40's - refer to The Sugar Blues book), Wheat, and Dairy. Sweets emit the same pain in my legs that runners get after a marathon or extreme exercisers get after a workout without a good stretch before and after. Wheat gives me the 3 month pregnant feel and look (refer to The Wheat Belly) and Dairy puts me to sleep instantly in a black-out style.

When I looked at my piece of "Scribble till you Dribble" I saw 3 nuns. I magnified them, saw "my little children inside me (my conscious mind that speaks in my gut) and their NEED for me to STOP! and to STOP NOW! I have gone as long as a year in my past, and it was glorious. I realized with this piece of art that my inner children can not breathe as long as I continue to feed this addiction.

This addiction is life-changing for me. It affects my mood in serious ways, my body in extremely painful ways, my psyche in dibilitating ways and my mind in numbing ways. It is time....

What is your addiction and how is it affecting you? Only if you are comfortable, and only if you have one/some we can all fess up and share....or not!  All is good!!  Kisses, Samara





Daughter Ayla - The True Artist's - Work of the Week (in progress)

My color I can breathe.  My Private Rainbow!!!


Me! At the thought of success.
Life without Sugar, Wheat or Dairy!




  1. I gave up wheat and my son is allergic to milk so often am not eating a lot of dairy. My big one is sugar...

    Good luck and be strong! I like that you created art to so along with your new diet. I hope it helps with your resolve!

  2. Intriguing artwork! I keep wanting to look at it. It's quite brave of you to face your addictions head on. I'm definitely a sugar addict. I know I should cut down on it, but I enjoy it so much... Sigh, it is self defeating to go to the gym and then have chocolate though...

  3. great post... and loved seeing that glimpse into your work space... very col...xx

  4. What a great stash you have to create your art with. No wonder you didn't turn to Digital!
    Great art and you look beautiful! xx

  5. Hi Samara
    What a post! That's an info overload for my half dead brain. You certainly have got an amazing stash. Your colour station looks packed with every colour your heart desires.
    Love your art and the way you expressed the bad things in it which are effecting your life.

    I have problem with bread too. Sweets as well I could eat them all day long but no longer an option my will power is much stronger now so I only occasionally treat myself. I wish the dairy had the same power on me as you experience it. At the moment I can't sleep for more than 3 hours a day and falling asleep is a nightmare so the effects of the the dairy you are experiencing would suit me fine. I used to smoke cigarettes and have not smoked for 2 years now. That's a massive achievement because smoking kind of kept my head above the water so to speak and was everything to me but enough was enough and I am glad I stopped.
    Michaela xx

  6. Those nuns are sweetie pies (pun intended). Good luck!

  7. agree with you and the no wheat, sugar etc... we make our own sourdough bread - seems to stops the bloat issues, drink non hmogenised milk rarely, and no sugar! ( well as much as possible!) Little changes make big differences :-) Loved the peek into your work space - thats a lot of colour! :-)

  8. Loving post!

    It really grabbed my attention and probably one reason is I'm on the same road as you only I started and then ran out of fuel ; ) It felt good for those four weeks.
    My kids are after me to quit my addictions …they luv critiquing my art work lol..
    so the sweets, the breads, the condiments, the coffee, the dairy and milk have to go very soon…
    but maybe not the milk and coffee just yet ; )

    Love the art work , yours and your daughters.
    p.s. the camera luvs you ; )

    Happy Halloween ~ Annabelle m^._.^m ~^..^~

  9. Very powerful and

  10. Oh I hear ya...those are probably my addictions too!! Fun artwork....good luck with the plan!!

    Hugs Giggles

  11. I remember. :) What I really WANTED to say is...focus on a happy, healthy you...because that will bring your whole life into balance. (But I know from experience that that's hard to do when you have a sugar slump).


My wish for you is a great day full of laughter! Samara x