Art Journal Conversion Workshop
Roben-Marie Smith
I wouldn't be doing Roben-Marie justice if I didn't post in one of her favorite colors! (or as close as I can get on blogger) lol Yea, not too close.  It is this gorgeous peachy, smoochy color.
I just finished this workshop and it was absolutely amazing.  The first day I worked from 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. with little break.
Her videos are mesmerizing! (spellcheck please)
Without further adieu - I will post a page of my Workshop Journal that I took with Roben-Marie, online, each day.
Today, I will post the FRONT PAGE of the Journal of Inspiration.
I hope you enjoy it! Roben-Marie does not waste one single scratch of paper that you will splat on, mist on, spill on, wipe off ink with or on...she is a wonderful ambassador of the earth in my mind.
I am on to another Journal by Roben-Marie...and she is the sweetest workshop teacher ever!  Check out her blog -

Have a Great Day


  1. Hi Samara
    You have been a very busy bee! Having you creating for many hours on the first day!? but at least it was creating something you love and are very passionate about so who could complain about that.
    I am loving what you have achieved. The front page you made looks as mesmerising (you got the spelling correct, my spell checker agrees )
    as Roben-Marie’s work ! I keep looking at it trying to find some meanings. The message “be yourself” reminds me how I used to feel and how much of myself I have lost with my health misfortunes.
    Can’t wait for the rest of it to unveil!
    Michaela xx

  2. Always enjoy seeing what your doing. This is terrific,love the colors too!

  3. What fun you've had! Wonderful journal page!

  4. Beautiful page! You're obviously have a grand time in this class. I love Roben's work.

  5. Love the deep intense colors and texture in this! I will have to check out Roben-Marie's workshops, too. it sounds like you have found your passion and are following it. Good for you! Thanks for coming by my blog and commenting, too!

  6. You are so generous and kind to mention me and my workshop! Your pages are full of color, design and texture. You certainly have jumped right in and I see why you are enjoying yourself so much! I am thrilled to see your work and know that you are pleased. I want to make sure to thank-you for visiting my blog and being such an encouragement to me. Blessings to you dear! RM :)


My wish for you is a great day full of laughter! Samara x