I am having the greatest time getting messy!

I've posted a few mixed media pics already, but it is a JOY to get back to the Bohemian Art Samara.  I am taking a few courses on-line, with Balzer Designs, Whimsical Art Journals and Art Journalista and loving them.  It is reminding me just how much I love my natural inclination to art and creativity being so "out of the box" and so "me" - which really means absolutely no idea what I am doing until it is done *note - see below lol.

So here is a glimpe of the type of work I am creating.  I've done many journal pages, made different types of journals from scratch - from journal binding to transforming books, magazines and old children's books to journals to purchasing (ugh) materials which are some of the most exciting mediums I've used in ages!

These are the mediums I used in University, but haven't touched since.  Most of my Boheme art has been with Paper and Card/Scrapping Papers and Embellies/Accessories, so this is a real switcherooni.  I'm going to start to post the work on my blog - a new look and a new title.

From "IF THESE CARDS COULD TALK" into a new "IF THESE COLORS COULD TALK"  and then the second line that follows changed in order to represent what it all feels like inside of me.
I am so blessed for a transformation in my life...some really painful and difficult things are happening in my life at present - I am deeply in Grief regarding a Parent.  This shake up has enabled me to make some other changes that are really positive necessary and have been waiting for me to have the courage to make.  Getting out of the rut of my art style was one of the changes I felt has been coming for a while.  I'd like to share these changes with you. 


I've started showing you the mixed media pieces with a Canvas piece.  I hope you can get used to the change. 

The rule of mixed media is: There are no rules!  However:
EVEN if you don't like it (which I really LOVE this piece) it is STILL to stay in the journal, not to be heavily judged and is from the soul.)  It is a wonderful representation, metaphor, analogy - all 3 -  of living life - day to day - and not censoring it, knowing that MIXED MEDIA ART JOURNALLING is for the Self!



  1. Hi Samara
    I am so sorry to hear you have got some difficult things happening in your life. I am struggling so badly with my own health so I can sympathise. I hope things get better for you.
    When it comes to your mixed media art it is stunning piece. Love the texture, the vibrancy of colours and it also feels full of energy.
    Michaela xx

  2. FABULOUS! FANTASTIC! FUN! FUN! Just loving what you are doing here! so much eye candy to explore on your pages! Loving it!

    Have you posted on the FB page for the Whimsical Journals - ColorLove???
    I'm looking for my BFF (you) there!


  3. oh Hun,so sorry to hear,you have some difficult times,happening in your life Hun,really sorry for you as for your mixed media Hun its simply stunning the colours are fantastic,take care hugs Cherylxxxxxx

  4. Your mixed media creation is a masterpiece, Samara, and so "you"! I hope things brighten up for you. I will be keeping you in my thoughts!

  5. this is gorgeous sweetie. Love it.
    big hugs
    Doreen xx


My wish for you is a great day full of laughter! Samara x